Spreading the graceful Chikankari designs farther, Ada Chikan is now at Lucknow's Lulu Mall!

Spreading the graceful Chikankari designs farther, Ada Chikan is now at Lucknow's Lulu Mall!

The freshly launched store is equipped with a plethora of Chikankari products in clothing, accessories and home furnishing.

For Lucknowites, the traditional Nawabi symbol of Chikankari is a part of our intrinsic identity. As we have known across centuries, the art of Chikan has woven itself with the historical and cultural narratives of Lucknow and we're proud of the heritage.

Graceful, intricate, yet effervescent, the Chikankari designs that we find on clothing world-wide today find their way back to this soil and from the artisans born in Awadh, that strive hard to keep the age-old art alive.

And now that one of the biggest Chikankari names and propagators in the city — Ada Chikan — has launched an all-new store at the grand Lulu Mall, the art is all set to be disseminated to a wider audience.

Curating the qala of Lucknow Chikankari & offering it to all

Giving wings to a community of local craftswomen creating Chikankari for generations now, Lucknow's own Ada Designer Chikan Studio has gained popularity throughout the country for its unique designs. The brand's vision is simple yet poetic — curating the qala of Lucknow Chikankari and offering it to all.

With this new store, people from locations near Lucknow and at the outskirts need not travel to the city streets to experience the latest trends in Chikankari. Bridging the gap further and making it convenient for these people, Ada Chikan is providing a small window to peep through, bringing together all product varieties under a single roof.

Store equipped with a plethora of Chikankari products

The Chikankari-only brand is also offering a lil flavour of everything that you'll get in the streets of Lucknow at the freshly launched store in Lulu. Here, you'll get every variation of Chikankari — from casual wear, office-wear kurtis right up to bridal collection, lehengas and suits. Moreover, accessories (like personalised potlis, scarves, clutches) and home furnishing items (like bed linens, cushion covers, curtains, table cloths, among others) are also available in Chikan here.

You'd have to agree when we say that Chikankari has evolved, and how! And Ada has adapted to the changes in modern fashion eloquently, elegantly showcasing the evolution in its ensembles. Established in 2005, the brand continues to produce handwoven Indian textiles with passion and love in a plethora of embroidered colours and a huge range of variety in designs.

Located right adjacent to Lulu Hypermarket, the freshly kicked off store invites all to experience the beauty of this age-old art. P.S. Ada Chikan is delivering worldwide. Check out www.adachikan.com for more info.

Location: Ground floor, Lulu Mall, Amar Shaheed Path, Golf City, Sector B Ansal API

Spreading the graceful Chikankari designs farther, Ada Chikan is now at Lucknow's Lulu Mall!
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