Sputnik V vaccine is now available only at Lucknow's Medanta Hospital

Sputnik V vaccine is now available only at Lucknow's Medanta Hospital

Sputnik-V vaccine shots are available for ₹1,145.

After the second wave of the pandemic hit, the process of vaccination has been boosted by starting the immunization process for the 18-44 age group. Medanta is the first hospital in Lucknow that has rolled out the Sputnik V vaccine and individuals can now get inoculated with the same. It has been reported that Sputnik V vaccine shots are available for ₹1,145 and all slots for Saturday, (the first day of availability of Sputnik V) were completely booked.

Sputnik V to be administered in 2 doses

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Many individuals were waiting for the Russian-made vaccine, Sputnik V, to be available for inoculation and now that it is available in Lucknow, citizens are hurriedly booking their slots. This vaccine, like Covishield and Covaxin, shall also be administered in two doses, however, the difference between the first and second shot shall be of 28 days.

The registration process for getting immunized against coronavirus through Sputnik V can be completed on the CoWIN portal. Apart from Sputnik, slots for Covishield and Covaxin are also available and while the private hospitals are charging for them, immunisation at government hospitals is being carried out for free.

Latest statistics report that on 26 June, 19,202 doses of vaccine have been administered to the citizens of Lucknow and till date, the tally stands at 13,74,171. With the looming threat of the predicted third wave and availability of Sputnik V, this number shall receive a boost as more individuals are opting for prevention than to look for a cure in dire times.

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