Step into a world of unending deals & discounts at Lucknow's top brands with Knocksense

Step into a world of unending deals & discounts at Lucknow's top brands with Knocksense

With KnockOFF, slash those hefty bills by availing of cost-effective offers on eateries, bars, salons, pharmacies, pet stores, jewellery shops & more.

If you're a Lucknowite, we're sure you must have attended the extravagant Knocksense events. We're assuming you're also a person who is a sucker for the finer things in life. So, tell us, who doesn't like to save big on food and beverages, salons, gyms, pet stores, home furnishing shops, activities, healthcare (have we covered everything)?

Because, people (for those who did not know), Knocksense can also help you KnockOFF those hefty bills! How, you ask?

Knocksense, in collaboration with the classiest brands of the city across all sectors, knocks at your door with exclusive offers DAILY. Before we proceed further, download the mobile app (Play Store/App Store) right away for we're about to dispense some handy information.

With Knocksense, avail the best of offers on everything hep in Lucknow

With Knocksense, put a halt on paying a huge sum of membership fees at the gym or when the pet store has you almost tearing off your hair with costs off the roof. Moreover, slash those heavy bills whenever your visit your favourite bars, expensive salons or costly eateries!

Take a sigh of relief (and a bow), for we are here with the most cost-effective strategy that can lighten all your daily spending affairs!

Whether it is receiving a free consultation by a doctor, 2+2 deal on your go-to cocktails or 50% off on hair spa, Knocksense is armed with replenishing offers. From cost-effective wedding packages, including banquet and property bookings to countless deals on pampering sessions at salons, top jewellery stores, discounts on bakery products (the list is unending) — Knocksense can be your saviour.

The best part about KnockOFF is that with it, you can avail crazy deals at the most happening places in the city without ANY conditions applied. P.S. Knocksense does not put hidden terms and conditions in hush hush tones to loot you!

Your personal scout in the city: Knocksense

With membership plans like SELECT, SELECT MINI, PLATINUM, and SILVER available at affordable rates, you get ceaseless number of unlocks or deals (that you can use at top brands in Lucknow), FULLY redeemable cash vouchers and more.

Knocksense also helps you attend fab events in the city through daily news and features. Think of us as that personal scout and friend that informs you of whatever happening is occurring in town, gossips to you about all the good things you missed out aand shows you all the cool stuff where you'd save the most money. Lit, right?

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