Step into an ideal self-care day at GlamorZone & HealthZone, Lucknow's trusted wellness centre

Step into an ideal self-care day at GlamorZone & HealthZone, Lucknow's trusted wellness centre

One of the longest-running wellness centres in the city, GlamorZone in Alambagh is nearly touching its 20-year milestone.

The post-COVID world has sure paraded the importance of self-love and self-care to us and it goes without saying that a tad bit effort inwards goes a long way. And that's where GlamorZone and HealthZone, well-known health and beauty haven, fit the description.

Whether you're looking for slimming options through passive therapy or grooming facilities, these brands can be your personal one-stop wellness centre.

20 years of wellness: GlamorZone & HealthZone's expertise

Started in 2004, the brands are nearly touching their 20-year milestone with numerous branches that have, till date, catered to more than 5,000 happy customers. With that, the customer-oriented and staff-friendly places also have to their name a highly experienced set of staff members.

So, while their expertise is well established, let's dive into the two sections of facilities the wellness centre provides ā€” the first being the salon, GlamorZone in Alambagh.

From skin and hair treatment to nail care and spa at GlamorZone

From spa treatment to nail care, from hair colouring to your relaxing mani and pedis, GlamorZone has everything you need to destress yourself.

Taking care of your overall grooming, the salon has a slew of self-care amenities, with hair and skin treatments and category-oriented makeup, too. Here, senior experts at the salon will study your skin and provide services accordingly. Pretty comprehensive, eh?

They also boast the latest hydra facial treatment to save your skin from sagging. As per your other concerns, don't you worry for the salon offers only organic and chemical-free treatments!

Clinical counselling, weight loss & more at HealthZone

This section, called the HealthZone, of the age-old brand comprises clinical counselling, whilst offering 15-18 passive therapy options, and nutrition and diet counselling. The latter diet therapy by an independent dietician can help with various lifestyle disorders like hypertension, diabetes, and so on.

Thus, the skilled folks here proffer massage treatment with special oils, overseen by Tanya Sahni, the owner, who is a proficient nutrition and diet counsellor herself.

For all your future pampering seshes

That being said, the brands, being some of the longest-running salons x wellness spots in the city, have innumerable loyal customers to speak for the sheer authenticity! So with all this experience in store, GlamorZone and HealthZone in Lucknow rank high in consistency in their A-quality services.

People, de-stress here and mark the place for all your future pampering seshes.

Location: CM Plaza,1st Floor, Kanpur - Lucknow Rd, Alambagh, Lucknow

šŸ“ HealthZone (098895 86960)

šŸ“ GlamorZone (063071 67331)

Contact: 7275032111

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