Straight outta Jurassic World, Lucknow's first dinosaur park to come up at THIS location

Straight outta Jurassic World, Lucknow's first dinosaur park to come up at THIS location

Once ready, the park will have different dinosaur models on display, along with their names!

Janeshwar Mishra Park is all set to house Lucknow's first dinosaur park. Spread over 6 acres, this new dinosaur enclave is going to add one more reason to the park's popularity, which happens to be a favourite already of kids, health enthusiasts and tourists alike.

The upcoming Jurassic Fun Entertainment Park, is a ₹4.5 crore endeavour that aims to boost Lucknow's tourism to a new scale. Reportedly, the new space will be created in the vacant space near Park Gate No.6 and will feature dinosaur sculptures that tower over 50 feet in height.

Attractions at the Jurassic-themed park

As per officials, despite the grandeur of the project, no trees will be razed during the making of this dinosaur theme park. Instead, an action plan drafted with special focus on environmental protection will be implemented here. According to this, the design of the theme park will be set in harmony with existing trees, to complete its all-natural vibe.

Notably, 5 to 50 feet dinosaur replicas, made of scrap such as tyres, metal and plastic, will be put in place at the new park. This move will popularise the idea of recycling and upcycling scrap materials among the general public. A information tablet or board will also be stationed near each sculpture, listing the name, characteristic features and fun facts about the represented dinosaur, to educate young children. In addition to that, a grand entry facade, similar to the original Jurassic Park will welcome the visitors.

The LDA will form a designated monitoring team to inspect and supervise every step of the project. This tasks force will check the work, from inception to completion and thereafter to resolve bottlenecks, if any.

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