Lucknow's Tirupati College students develop indigenous O2 concentrators to aid COVID patients

Lucknow's Tirupati College students develop indigenous O2 concentrators to aid COVID patients

The developed concentrator claims to operate at a capacity of nearly 10 litres per minute.

In a bid to yield to the high demand for medical-grade oxygen amid rampant COVID spread, two electrical engineering students from Lucknow's Tirupati College of Engineering have developed an indigenous oxygen concentrator. This novel invention operates at a capacity of nearly 10 litres per minute and claims to aid those in respiratory distress due to the coronavirus infection. As per reports, this homegrown concentrator will be soon be launched in the market as a major economic respite, in contrast to the existing expensive counterparts.

A local solution to the pandemic crisis

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Electrical engineering students, Adarsh Vikram and Ambesh Pratap Singh from Tirupati College of Engineering at Mohanlalganj, Lucknow, have developed an oxygen concentrator on a trial basis to provide necessary help to COVID patients.

They were under the spearhead guidance of Ashutosh Sharma, the Director of Tirupati College of Engineering and the duo was further supervised by the HOD (Electrical Department), Rajendra Dixit. The HOD also highlighted that the oxygen concentrators available presently are heavy investments, mounting the cost of coronavirus treatment exorbitantly.

In a statement, the Head of the Department said, "Moved by this overcharging of people in need of oxygen, together with the help of the students, we have created an indigenous concentrator which has been prepared at half the price of a concentrator available in the market. The speciality of our oxygen concentrator is that it is completely indigenous." The college faculty has also reached out to the administrative officials to soon launch the device in the market.

Effective in severe COVID-19 cases

The medical equipment has been invented at the cost of a lot of struggle, 4 attempts and is consequently, priced at ₹40,000, the HOD highlighted. The developed concentrator can deliver up to "93 to 95 per cent pure oxygen by separating oxygen and nitrogen from the atmosphere. It weighs nearly 16 kg", he added. Further claims suggest that it is fairly effective in severe cases of coronavirus infection as it can discharge 10 litres of oxygen in just 60 seconds!

College Director Ashutosh Sharma stated, "At present, people are in dire need of this medical equipment. If the UP government takes an active interest in our project, we are ready to help in whichever way possible. If the government helps us in in this initiative, people can get necessary help".

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