This Valentine’s Week, explore Sugar Bake, Lucknow’s newest date spot!

This Valentine’s Week, explore Sugar Bake, Lucknow’s newest date spot!

Sugar Bake in Lucknow is the town's most-fav Valentines destination & here's why! Life is not perfect but your dessert can be!

Dear Romeos (and Juliets) in Lucknow, get ready to gain some extra calories while you shower some extra love at your BAE, this Valentine's Day! Hitting our 'sweet spot' right with its never-ending array of drool-worthy dessert selects, Sugar Bake has arrived in the city, just in time for V-day.

If you're someone who is constantly on the lookout for new places, this new dessert stop, washed in pastel hues should be next on your list, especially if you are heading out with your sweetheart. And if you happen to be single, well, strike an affair with a host of mouth-melting grubs here, because this place has something for each one of you!

Sugar, yes please!

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If you believe that your day and date is incomplete without a happy dose of a sugar rush, Sugar Bake is definitely your calling, dear Lucknowitws. With cutesy interiors, radiant lighting and decor that easily passes the romance vibe-check, this bakery is calling out to all in town, for a dollop of hearty candies now!

And that's not all! This dreamy, patisserie has got every trick in the book to notch up your Valentine's shenanigans with possibly the most fluffy cheesecakes and gooey brownies in Lucknow. From classic chocolate delights to creamy fancy pastries and plump doughnuts, this place whips and whisks it all!

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Truly defining the concept of a one-stop shop for all things dessert, Sugar Bake is pleasing all our sweet cravings and how! Besides being a hub of all those crafty comfits, the place has also a premium section of Indian sweets called Misri. Be it hot a gulaab jamun or those soft rasgullas, this whole new world of sweet delicacies has taken charge to satiate your sweet cravings, just right!

Love is love & food is also love!

Well, to be really honest, you cannot just have the most mind-blowing date without a sizzling range of food, snacks and drinks by the side. Luckily, for you all and the foodies in town, Sugar Bake doubles up a cafe to meet your hunger pangs, halfway! The Sugar Bake cafe unit has curated an expansive F&B menu for you and it's sure to spoil you with a never-ending host of varieties!

Let your indulgence run wild as you binge on their juicy Jalapeno Cottage Cheese Burger or the kick of fusion foods along with whole Mexican Quesadilla on offer. You can also have their signature Kiwi Mojito or Fizzy Drinks to wash it all down or simply for a stand-alone refreshing sip! From the brew range, there are Frappes, Irish Coffee and Butterscotch Latte that's winning hearts this time and you've gotta try 'em, right away.

Be the right kind of cheesy this Valentine!

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Just when you thought, that's all - Sugar Bake surprises you with Valentine's Special menu. From sweet bonbons to heart-shaped pizzas, cutlets and more, this offer is all the cheese you need to make your date happy!

So to sum it all, if you're someone who is running behind your Valentine's date plans, fret not! Sugar Bake has it all sorted. From a cosy ambience to the muffin-cute and mouth-watering food, this place is truly replacing Cupid, when it comes to hitting the bully eye on the love chart!

Location: B1, B2 Winkz Hig 1,2 Sector E Aligang, Lucknow

Contact: +91 9151004356

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