Summon the spooky ghost residing in you at these Halloween parties in Lucknow!

Summon the spooky ghost residing in you at these Halloween parties in Lucknow!

Can you feel the freaky season yet?

Here's a sentence we never thought we'd say, but, people, the devil is summoning us this Halloween and we must pay heed!

Jokes aside, while there are tons of theories that go back to proving the origins of this festival, as far as the Celts and their harvest Gaelic festival of Samhain, Halloween is considered to be a time of the year that welcomes winter and where people reminisce the departed. During Samhain, people would don costumes to ward off ghosts, and light bonfires, while the Christianised version saw saints going from door to door (which is why it is sometimes called All Saints Day).

Whatever the story of origin maybe, today Halloween is all about trick-or-treats, wobbling pumpkins, narration of scary stories, playing pranks and, the most adored, Halloween costume parties! And, so, we're here with a list of 7 epic Halloween parties in Lucknow that are happening now and how!

The Devil's Disco @ Molecule

Just the party you need to evoke all the thrill, Lucknow's Molecule Gastro Air Bar is inviting you to a lit affair from October 29 - 31. It's the Devil's Disco, peeps, so don't forget to dress your spookiest!

Oh, and there's free devil and blood shots on the house aand an in-house face painter — making it impossible to miss this extravagant All Hallow's Eve!

When: October 29-31

Where: RiverSide Mall, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar

Dracula’s Dance of Death @ Distillery

Once again, it's time for spook and splendor and Lucknow's Distillery is here to take you on a freaky ride! Dracula has risen from the dead and is inviting you for a dancee — it's time to pirouette your way in, people!

We're talking freaky live bands, face painting, themed food and drinks, welcome blood shots, and more!

When: October 28-31

Where: Distillery, Summit building, Gomti Nagar

Calling the scariest villains of all time @ The Fancave

This super-hero themed café has turned up the ante and converted into a Halloween haven! The Fancave in Lucknow is bringing to you the scariest and the greatest of the villains with 25% off on all food and drinks! Be costume ready and join their hunt for tricks or treats this Halloween.

Oh, and there are also spooky games for you to indulge in, like best cosplay, an engaging trick or treat quiz, and a bloody face painting competition!

Where: Opposite The Woods, Naubasta, Deva Road
When: October 29-31

Night of Shadows @ Vintage Machine Cocktail Bar

Pump up for a Halloween gathering like never before as Vintage Machine Cocktail Bar brings to you a 'Night of Shadows'! Hurry up, people, and summon your demons quickly for this dope and dark party is happening today! Reserve your passes for a horrifying experience you'd absolutely love (again, something we never thought we'd say!).

When: October 29, 9 PM onwards

Where: Vintage Machine Cocktail Bar, Summit building, Gomti Nagar

Halloween Dinner @ Hyatt Regency

Get into the Halloween fever like never before with Hyatt Regency's sorted Goth party scenes! Leave your fears at home and step into a haunted night of planned activities like spooky face painting, trick-or-treating, and some delicious range of theme based food and drinks.

Where: Regency Rd, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

When: October 30, 7-11 PM

Halloween Night @ Void

Channelise your inner Goth this Halloween with crazy AF costumes and dance into the night at this madhouse! With Sufi B, Logan, MC Blood playing your jam at Void Bar & Nightclub, experience the magic and mayhem like never before!

When: October 29, 9 PM onwards

Where: Void Bar & Nightclub, Summit building, Gomti Nagar

Trick or Treat @ The Hype Room

A Halloween rave experience that will make your celebrations as spine-chilling as ever, The Hype Room in Lucknow is coming with its 'Trick or Treat' to enthrall you. Featuring Ravetek, Dr P, and Brocode, this horror partayy today is going to be liitt!

When: October 29, 8 PM onwards

Where: The Hype Room in Lucknow, Summit building, Gomti Nagar

Knock Knock

For a unique unearthly experience with ghosts and goblins, witches and wizards, Lucknowites, say yes to some of these lit Halloween parties. Your cue is to dress to scare, and get ready for a rollercoaster of spook and lunacy!

Happy Halloween, people!

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