Surveillance and containment measures in place in Lucknow for Zika Virus patients

Surveillance and containment measures in place in Lucknow for Zika Virus patients

The city had reported two cases of the virus on Friday

Following the diagnosis of Lucknow's first Zika Virus cases on Friday, the administration has begun the work to check the spread of the disease. Measures such as containment zones, door-to-door surveillance and monitoring, specialised health infrastructure and awareness campaigns are being implemented to combat the virus.

400-metre containment zones to be set up around the patients' houses

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Starting today, containment zones spanning 400 metres in radius will be set up around the houses of Zika Virus patients. The patients will be kept in home isolation. This will prevent the virus from spreading within the district.

To keep a track of infected individuals from coming into the city, in charges have been assigned at the airport, railway stations and bus stops. They will maintain a list of passengers travelling from Zika-affected areas.

Monitoring teams activated for surveillance

A total of 550 super-surveillance teams have been constituted so far. 25 teams will be present at every Community Health Centre (CHC). They will be responsible for conducting door-to-door surveys and monitoring of patients. In terms of health infrastructure, specialised Zika Virus wards are being created at 8 hospitals in the district.

Awareness campaign and helpline launched

An awareness campaign about the disease will also be started, with hoardings and pamphlets for distribution of information. Additionally, a helpline has been issued for all Zika virus-related queries. People can get any information they require by calling the Integrated Control and Command Centre (ICCC).

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