Switch to fresh: Check out nutritious boxes with exotic leaves from Healthy Greens in Lucknow

Switch to fresh: Check out nutritious boxes with exotic leaves from Healthy Greens in Lucknow

Develop healthy habits of conscious eating with the help of Healthy Greens!

What if we tell you that a tasty way has spurted up to help you consume your greens? In the post COVID era that we're living in, it is all the more important to take care of our health, be conscious of what we're eating, stray away from junk whenever we can, and, well, you know the drill. But, we are also aware of the current culture of eating out and/or ordering in, which is why THIS brand can be your ultimate saviour!

An ardent advocator of clean eating, Kushal K Srivastava has brought with him a wave of smart and healthy eating habits by establishing Healthy Greens in Lucknow.

Remain hearty & happy with Healthy Greens

Healthy Greens by Adira Farms is the premium definition of clean and conscious eating. From using climate-control methods of farming like Hydroponic farming to get their produce to harvesting fresh for every single order, they follow an end-to-end process to make sure their customers remain hearty and happy!

Why choose Hydroponic farming, you ask? The process engenders pesticide-free vegetables that are fresh for a longer time and dense with nutrients. The journey of seedlings to become wholesome, crunchy, and full grown greens takes about 45 days and Healthy Greens is patient in delivering high quality food straight to your doorstep so that you can benefit from the 100% organic consumption.

Healthy Greens also offers nutritious boxes that make up for a well-balanced meal, are full of a variety of greens, and also offer exotic leaves. Imagine a box that engulfs over seven varieties of lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, microgreens, cherry tomatoes, and English cucumber! Pretty ideal, right?

Looking for fresh mix of salad veggies for your recipe? You can also go for their monthly subscription to get that weekly dosage of diet-conscious food delivered right to your doorstep! Their starter pack starts at merely ₹250.

100% organic eating experience

For the organic dressings, Healthy Greens have collaborated with Pomona Orchard, an organic restaurant that has specially curated the dressings to go along with the salads. Both the brands share the a common ideology — to provide 100% additive free and organic eating experience to their clients.

To order absolute fresh and healthy salad greens, check out Healthy Greens' Instagram page. Once you place an order from here, a Swiggy genie will be assigned to you for delivering garden fresh food!

Contact: 8737861928, 8127575757

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