Tabata Fitness in Lucknow is organising a special summer camp for kids & it starts this May!

This fitness summer camp by Tabata will begin on May 15
Tabata Fitness in Lucknow is organising a special summer camp for kids & it starts this May!

If you too are worried about your little ones turning into lazy bums due to increased screen time, this special camp by Tabata Fitness in Lucknow will defintely pique your interest. The Lucknow-based functional training studio is organising a thoughtfully curated camp to train your kids as they play, putting their fitness right back on track!

Blending the concept of fun in functional training, the sessions of these kids' exclusive classes range over multiple programmes, all at the premium Tabata gym centre in Gomti Nagar. And hey! They begin as early as May 15, so hurry and register your little munchkins right away.

Checkout the details of this fitness camp infused with fun

The folks at Tabata Fitness firmly believe that a child only needs a little guidance to learn and grasp a lot in their developing years. And functional training plays a key role here. Whatever be the goal, from building immunity to boosting stamina or just a means to vent out their hyper-active bubbling energy, indulging in physical activity helps a child to not only develop strength but also a lifestyle - that is healthy and energising.

For this, the Tabata mentors have a dynamic and power-packed training schedule at the Summer Camp, where your child earns, trains and even practices their skills without them even knowing so. The classes flow through a host of different activities, from dance, yoga & gymnastics to kickboxing and functional training or sports specific exercises, under the vigilant guidance of certified trainers to help each child indulge in an activity they like best.

Why Tabata Fitness?

While there is nothing more concerning than one's health and wellbeing, the stakes are a little higher when it comes to our smol beans, are they not? And thus choosing the right place and the right environment for their growth becomes a primary parameter and when you choose Tabata, you choose precision, professionalism and an overall quality experience for your kids.

The Tabata Fitness centre in Gomti Nagar has dedicated areas for core workout, weight training, yoga, step and pump classes along with functional training and strength training spaces too. The entire outlet is furnished with the latest machinery and modern gym equipment to ensure that you are always happy as you workout!

Needless to say, the entire gym follows strict sanitisation practices and everything you or your kids use here (yes, even the shared equipment) is safe and hygienic.

Enrol your kids now!

Tabata Fitness has commenced will soon be starting its Summer Camp sessions where you can customise your own plan as per your choice and convenience.

Batches Begins from 15 May. For registrations, admissions and other queries - call +91 6392587778

You can reach out to their Facebook, Instagram handles for more information.

Location: 1st floor, 5/583, Vikaskhand 5, Gwari Village, Vikas Khand, Gomti Nagar

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