Get ready to devour new dishes at a brand new & revamped Be The Beer, starting April 15

Get ready to devour new dishes at a brand new & revamped Be The Beer, starting April 15

Shut for renovation currently, Be The Beer will be opening its door soon for folks in Lucknow!

Brewing a cool new surprise, Be The Beer is all set to raise the BAR of Lucknow's party scene once again, and we are all here for it! While the good folks at Lucknow's OG bar-cum-cafe are whipping out your loved party hub in an all-new avatar soon, we're pulling you in for a little secret reveal.

One of the most frequented bars in the city, Be The Beer is opening its door for the party people in Lucknow on April 15 and we can not contain our excitement, all you gotta do is read on to know why!

What's the vibe?

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Coming back stronger and a whole lot better, Be The Beer is not only upscaling its interior but also redoing its vibe this time! From what we know, the place is going to be much more vibrant, bright and pulsing with high energy to add fun to Luckow's nightlife.

Offering a refreshing vibe with a swanky new interior and a fresh menu along with their OG service, Be The Beer is opening its door for all once again and if this isn't exciting enough for you, we don't know what is!

Also, did we tell you? There is a dedicated dance floor along with a cool DJ deck at the new Be The Beer, so you better get ready to let your hair down as you dance the night away. Instead of spilling the whole secret out, we just want to say, be ready with your 'gram for the all-new Be The Beer is looking pitcher-perfect to us!

An all-new diet menu for the health freaks!

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Known for introducing new experiences in the city, the good folks at Be The Beer have now come up with another innovative move! To cater to the varied requirements of health-conscious foodies in town, Be The Beer has now introduced a special Diet-Menu to make sure you have all the fun without compromising on your health goals.

And when we say diet food, we mean freshly-prepared healthy meals like Quinoa with White Sauce Veggies, Wheat Chicken Burger and much more. To wash it all down, they also have a variety of fresh fruit juices and other beverages to beat the summer heat.

For those who are looking for something different on their cheat days, fret not, for their original food menu will also be served here! From their bestselling Continental and Funky Italiano dishes to the delectable Chinese, Lebanese and Mexican offerings, the new menu will encompass all of these cuisines as well!

Knock Knock

While Be The Beer is all set to pour out a whole new dining experience for the city folks, all of their exclusive offers will still be applicable at this newly-revamped outlet! So, without worrying about the bills, head out to this all-new bar cum eatery which is opening its door on April 15, to know why we are raving about it. Rest assured, you won't be disappointed here!

Contact: 7897377700, 9140677938, 9140677938

Location: A110, 1st Floor, above Nexa Showroom, Cyber Heights, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

Be The Beer Season 2 comes to a close

They say all good things must come to an end, and like all things fine, Be the Beer Season 2 is closing too. After serving Lucknow with authentic global food, booze and warm ambience for years, Be The Beer Season 2 shutting its door forever is no less than an end of an era for the city folks.

Be The Beer Season 2 was birthed out of all the love and support that the brand received after the launch of its first outlet. A first of its kind place in Lucknow, Be The Beer has always been a party hub of the city folks. The second outlet of Be The Beer was another labour of love that was envisioned to amplify the fun and offerings of Lucknow’s homegrown cafe cum bar while adding a unique experience to the city’s party culture.

Hailed by critics and diners alike, this cafe-cum-bar has received tremendous love throughout the years of operation making it one of the most frequented places by the city folks.

Despite COVID and other unavoidable circumstances, Be The Beer Season 2 received love from the cafe-goers, however, it did not live up to our perfectionist expectations. To make sure we only give out our best without compromising on quality, we hereby formally announce the closure of Be The Beer Season 2.

While this shutdown has made all of us teary-eyed, the silver lining of this cloudy announcement is that we aim to come back stronger and better at the OG Be The Beer cafe & bar. With this we aim to consolidate all our energy and offer only the best like the good-old times at the same old- OG Be The Beer!

All that Be The Beer is today, is because of the love that you have continuously showered upon us and in this difficult time we hope to receive the same love all the more from y’all! We are whipping out your loved cafe-cum-bar in an all-new avatar soon, awaiting all your support like always!

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