Bring your October to an electrifying end with these events at The Drowning Street in Lucknow

Bring your October to an electrifying end with these events at The Drowning Street in Lucknow

Three nights with three awesome artists!

With Halloween and Diwali just around the corner, Lucknow is in the thick of the festive season. If you're a party enthusiast who just wants to go out and celebrate this exciting time, The Drowning Street has you covered with a great lineup of events, this month!

Party your troubles away!

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Over the next few days, TDS will be organising the most electrifying parties in town, with celebrity DJs ready to make you sway to their tunes. Combine that with their wide selection of food and drinks, and you're sure to have an epic night at TDS!

Three Nights, Three Awesome Artists

The festivities start on October 22nd where you can rock to the beats of DJ Shameless Mani, who'll be coming to Lucknow all the way from Mumbai! On October 29th, DJ Mariya will be there to make everyone dance to her tunes. This 25-year-old model-turned-DJ from Mumbai has already bagged the prestigious IQA award and is sought-after in party circles all over the country. And finally, to make your Halloween night spookier and more memorable, DJ Gouri will be performing on October 31st! Part-time DJ, full-time Air Hostess, this artist has been recognised by publications like the Hindustan Times and the Times of India for her skills.


What're you waiting for? If you've read this article up to this point, this would be the time to get your reservations sorted! Make an excuse at work, put on your dancing shoes, gather all your friends and head over to The Drowning Street because these parties are gonna be LIT.

Location: 2nd Floor, Rohtas Summit, Vibhuti Khand

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