The Great Kabab Factory Express in Lucknow, is now pouring!

The Great Kabab Factory Express in Lucknow, is now pouring!

It's the time to sip on the wine & dine at The Great Kabab Factory Express in Lucknow

All the booze lovers in the city, rejoice! It is time to say cheers for The Great Kabab Factory Express in Lucknow- the real Nawabi buffet place, is now pouring! After wooeing the foodies in with their class revelry, extraordinary ambience and the scrumptious spread, this premium resto-bar is now ready to serve your favourite drinks too!

So, if you wish to experience the ultimate wine & fine dining experience in Lucknow, head out to The Great Kabab Factory Express.

Refreshing cocktails in summers? Yes please! 

What's better than a refreshing cocktail to keep you going, in this dramatic hot weather?! And with TGKFE's bar now open, you can quench your thrist for boozy concoctions in a brand new way.

Whether it is the classics like Cosmopolitan and Daiquiri or their signature Desi Santra, each of the quenchers on the menu is a must-try! To kickstart the summer-drinking season, we recommend you to try their Chaska Tarbuj! A unique blend of Vodka, watermelon and secret spices, this cocktail will make you feel cool, in the true sense of the word.

And if you are an indecisive imbiber, you can try the classic TGKFE L.I.I.T, which is a power-packed combination of all four spirits, sure to give you a happy high!

For the fans of straight-up hard drinks, the bar at TGKF Express is full of Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Brandy and all of your favourites as well! To put it simply, the bar at The Great Kabab Factory Express is brewing all that you'd like, and then some more!

Hop on the TGKF Express now!

The Great Kabab Factory Express is your ticket to THE wholesome gastronomical journey in Lucknow. With a lip-smacking sit-in buffet, perfect for lunch meetings and dinner dates to a special menu for the odd hours, this place is sure to leave you spoilt for choices. From the melt-in-your-mouth kebabs to baller biryanis and much more, the expansive menu at The Great Kabab Factory Express in Lucknow will make you end up eating more than you had planned on!

If you don't believe us, go through this food gallery and see if you can resist the temptation of trying each of these dishes, 'cause we surely can't!

Knock Knock

So basically, what we are saying is if you want to chug down a drink or two, all while enjoying a lavish 6-course meal, The Great Kabab Factory Express is the place to be at.

Location: 2nd Floor, Umrao Mall, 752, Vidhan Sabha Marg, Mahanagar

Contact: 0522 3590221, 9120044463

Buffet charges:

  • Lunch- ₹799 (Monday-Thursday), ₹899 (Friday-Sunday)

  • Dinner- ₹899 (Monday-Thursday), ₹999 (Friday-Sunday)

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