The Kukrail Flyover in Lucknow is all set to open for public soon!

The Kukrail Flyover in Lucknow is all set to open for public soon!

The much awaited Kukrail flyover, that connects Kukrail to Gomti Nagar, is all set to open for the public of Lucknow. The flyover that had been lying incomplete since many years is finally ready for use and will cut down travel times from 45 minutes to just 15 minutes.

The Kukrail Flyover in Lucknow is all set to open for public soon!

All About The Kukrail Flyover

The flyover had been lying incomplete for the past eight years, due to some issues. But the 5.8 kilometer flyover is now complete and will turn out as an advantage for the people of Lucknow. Since it connects Shakti Nagar and Gomti Nagar, the travel times has been cut down, making matters convenient for the citizens.

The existing route from Shakti Nagar to Gomti Nagar currently faces many detours, has frequent traffic jams and comes as a menace to commuters on this route. Since the flyover consists of six lane roads, it will make the movement faster. To add to that, the flyover even has a railway over bridge above it, meaning you don’t have to halt at railway crossings along the route..

A resident of Thakurganj, Ragni said, “This new flyover will benefit the residents living near Kukrail. Earlier we used to face a lot of traffic jams while going towards Gomti Nagar. We hope that this flyover will open for public soon.”

Who will it benefit?

The Kukrail flyover will cover several areas along it’s 5.8 kilometer length. Residents of areas such as Shakti Nagar, Khurramnagar, Aliganj, Vikas Nagar, Thakurganj and a few others can make use of the flyover that directly connects to Gomti Nagar.

The Kukrail Flyover in Lucknow is all set to open for public soon!

With the flyover, the goal is the bypass time consuming routes between Gomti Nagar and Shakti Nagar and provide a better and more convenient travel option for commuters. The flyover is an advantage for residents of Aliganj, Vikas Nagar, Shakti Nagar and several other places as it cuts down travel times by at least 30 minutes.

Details of the flyover

The flyover was first sanctioned in 2009 and construction for the same began two years after that, in 2011. The flyover covers a total length of 5.8 kilometers and comprises of six lanes, making way for faster moving traffic. The cost for constructing the overhead railway over bridge, that runs above the flyover amounts to ₹75 crores and the flyover was built for a sum of ₹82 crores.

The development points towards a more progressive Lucknow and makes travelling within the city a more convenient experience.