The Model Indian City Summit is a stimulating dialogue coming to Lucknow this month!

The Model Indian City Summit is a stimulating dialogue coming to Lucknow this month!

As young students, we've all had dreams of changing the world through ideas and conversations. A small step in that direction, used to be MUNs, or Model United Nations, however, these weren't as proactive, and often didn't lead to much of a resolution, which is why, an all new summit, the MIC is here to lead a host of the future's leaders. The MIC is a proactive summit, aimed at bringing real solutions to real problems on a city level.

You may be wondering, what is MIC. Well, this is a one of a kind summit which spells Model Indian City Summit, and it pits young minds of India against one another in engaging and meaningful conversations, which lead to proactive solutions for pressing global matters starting from a town level.

The MIC is a spin on old age MUNs

MIC Venue
MIC Venue

The MIC Summit will be one focused on discussing social, economic and environmental issues within cities. Delegates will be divided into 3 different committees with set agendas. This is different from an MUN, where worldwide issues are addressed and resolved in a simulation model. However, at MIC, the outcome of this conference, and the changes on a city level, will be put to immediate implementation.

The issues, and topics of contention will be pressing matters that affect our daily lives in the city, and things we often overlook. These young minds are all set to shake up our way of thinking, with new and innovative ideas which is a small step towards a brighter, better future.

The students have taken up 3 major problems which our world faces today- Environmental, Economic and Social Welfare. The world, our nations and cities included, considering the current times, is in turmoil, and we need new leaders who can shake up our way of living, and bring forth new ideas and their own vision for the future.

There will be 3 different committees looking out for each of these global problems. Each of the problems themselves have many nuances and layers to them, which will be discussed by the young minds.

It's not all just talk

Since this summit includes young generations, there is a focus on connecting with one another. After the summit, participants can engage in a formal ball night. No doubt this will be a black tie affair, and it is going to be one gala event. So come along and mingle with likeminded folks.

With enough space to accommodate up to 120 people, the ball is what you should look forward to after the summit. It kicks off at 7:00 PM, so don't forget to iron out your Tux!

Knock Knock

If you're a student looking to broaden your horizons and your mind, the MIC summit is where you have to be. This will be an intellectually stimulating experience for those who are heavily invested in global matters and geo-political issues.

The MIC will be organized at Sahara Shaher on 28th August.

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