The new Apple Watch Series 4 is now available for ₹2199 at Unicorn Store in Lucknow!

The new Apple Watch Series 4 is now available for ₹2199 at Unicorn Store in Lucknow!

Believe us, the hype behind the much anticipated Apple Watch Series 4 is for real ! and now you can purchase the watch for a monthly installment of ₹ 2199/- only at Unicorn Stores, India’s largest Apple Premium Reseller.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has gone through some major mind-blowing upgrades. The Watch Series 4 has put other smart watches to shame, redefining the meaning of a smart watch!

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With a bigger screen, slimmer design, 2x performance, improvised sensors, the Apple Watch Series 4 is definitely much better than its predecessors and is a must buy.

Some of the unique features include Low Heart Pulse detection, symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation, ECG measure & Fall detection which makes Apple Watch 4 to stand out in midst of other smart watches which still are too conventional technologically.


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The new AW4 watch has been completely re-modeled, the screen is now 30 percent larger since the sizes have been bumped from 38 mm and 42 mm to 40 mm and 44mm respectively. The bezels around the screen have also been reduced and the corners rounded, which together increase the screen size significantly. The screen is a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) and has a high-quality OLED display which consumes lesser power. This makes it possible for the display to remain bigger while not affecting the battery life- that is upto 18 hours, same as earlier.

The increase in screen size makes it easier to read things, the fonts and the larger buttons reduce selection errors. Another addition is the fact that the AW4 is visibly thinner than the AW3, the 11.4 mm wide watch is now 10.7 mm, which in watch terms is a significant difference. The rear of the AW4 is now made of black ceramic and sapphire crystal-which is a big inclusion re-engineered in accordance to the upgraded body reading sensors.

The ‘Digital Crown’ has also been thinned with an introduction of Haptic feedback and the red blob is now removed to give way to a subtler red ring.


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The cellular reception of the new Apple Watch 4 is much better than AW3, the problems with signal strength and hearing replies without using a Bluetooth device have also been fixed. The speaker is now 50 per cent louder and it gets really easy to hear people’s voices. The prevalent echo is also gone because the microphone has been shifted to the opposite side of the speaker, also improving the mic’s effectiveness.

Another big addition is in the fitness area, where the addition of Automatic start and end detection of workouts brings the Apple Watch up to par with other fitness wearables such as Fitbit and Garmin. Since the others have featured auto-detect workouts for years and it's now the pre-requisite for such devices. The AW4 can also detect accidental human falls and can automatically make SOS call to emergency services & a message to favourites in the contact list. The new watch also features an electric heart sensor that alerts the user in case of lower or faster heart rate readings and impressively enough, it can now take an electrocardiogram using the ECG app and also alarm on the silent Atrial Fibrillation symptoms.

Final Take

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The Apple series 4 watch that now comes in several variants: the basic Silver/Gold/Space Grey Aluminium Case GPS 40mm and 44mm cost ₹40,900 and ₹43,900 respectively, while the GPS + Cellular for 40mm and 44mm cost ₹49,900 and ₹52,900 respectively. The watches are available at your nearest Unicorn APR Store at a monthly installment of just ₹2199 and it is a must buy!

They also have stainless steel case variants which range from ₹67,900 to ₹80,900

About Unicorn

Unicorn is the largest official premium reseller of Apple products in India and the official Apple authorized service centre. It has over 30 stores and more than 20 service centres across the country. For best deals and offers on Apple products in Lucknow, check out the nearest Unicorn Store in your area.

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