Lucknow's very own chocolate haven, The Chocolate Room is now open in Hazratganj!

Lucknow's very own chocolate haven, The Chocolate Room is now open in Hazratganj!

With a brand new menu offering a host of sweet and savoury treats, The Chocolate Room is back in an all-new avatar!

If the word indulgence makes you think of all things sweet out there, you're in luck Lucknowites! The Chocolate Room has relocated to the heart of the city in Hazratganj and it's all set to make its way to your heart as well. Why you ask? The bistro cum cafe is back in a brand new avatar but with the same old charm and taste! Read on to know why we're so excited about the all-new TCR.

Lucknow's very own Cocoa Heaven

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It won't be hyperbole to say that The Chocolate Room offers the city folks a unique experience that makes it eligible to be termed as Lucknow's very own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. From Freaky Waffle Shake to Ferraro Rocher Shake and much more, the chocolate-laden shakes at TCR are sure to give you the much-needed sugar rush! And for those who love a hint of caffeine in their chocolaty concoctions, TCR is also an expert at offering a host of such beverages, both hot and cold.

Apart from all the Frappe, Freddos, Fondue, there's a gamut of sweet servings like waffles, pancakes, pastries, cakes, muffins, mousse and much more. For all the foodies who wish to try new dishes, we recommend you to try the Waffle Sizzler or the Sweet Lasagne!

From waffles and fondues to shakes, sundaes and their signature choctails, The Chocolate Room offers some of the best and the most authentic chocolate dishes to cater to the chocolate-fiends of the city!

Savoury treats to tantalise the tastebuds

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While the TCR is famous for its chocolaty offerings, the lip-smacking savoury snacks at this bisto-cum-cafe are also second to none! Taking the authentic TCR experience a notch higher, this vibrant eatery has added a gamut of dishes to its new menu that includes a host of Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Continental and other global cuisines.

Whether you are in the mood to have something light like Greek Salad or Coleslaw Sandwich or wish to go all big with BBQ Grilled Chicken Pizza or Peri-Peri Mexican Sizzler, The Chocolate Room has got it all covered for you!

Honestly, with their brand new menu offering a wide range of steamy sizzlers, newly-introduced platters, combo meals and so much more, The Chocolate Room is all set to become Lucknow's new favourite hangout destination.

Knock Knock

So, what are you waiting for? Turn the next Ganjing session a whole lot sweeter by simply making a pit-stop at The Chocolate Room. Experience the all-new vibe with the same old flavourful servings at TCR, and of course, you can thank us later!

Location: Shop No. 4, Ground Floor, Apex Tower, Habibullah Estate, 11 MG Marg, Hazratganj

Contact: 97177 00205

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