The paws of Fat Tiger reach Lucknow, imprinting the newest & coolest hangout spot in town!

The paws of Fat Tiger reach Lucknow, imprinting the newest & coolest hangout spot in town!

The newest addition to Lucknow's food culture, Fat Tiger is crafting the flavour of innovation to your meal.

Fat Tiger has set its paw in Lucknow and it's adding an elaborate dash of magnificence to your regular quick service meals. A momo and tea shop at the core, Fat Tiger is a brand that is famed for bringing the garnish of exotic flavours at pocket-friendly prices. In a single booth here, you can find grubs and beverages that come with a myriad of flavours and textures and are bound to give you legit foodgasms!

Authentic techniques for a unique taste

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If your idea of happiness is a power-packed and wholesome meal, then Fat Tiger is just the place for you! Giving the touch of healthy, gluten-free and oriental goodness to your regular snacks, this food joint is concocting recipes of true bliss and you need to get your hands on everything that's there on their menu, ASAP.

A tribute to the Indian and Chinese culinary finesse, you'd be happy to know that they have a strict no MSG policy and your food is fabricated from organic flavours only. Grab the best of traditional flavours, modern seasoning and a timeless experience with their authentic yet novel menu.

Besides food, this joint is also mastering the art of crafty teas, slushes, coffees, teas, freak shakes, floats, ice tea....and this list is, in fact, pretty long! With teas and coffee costing about ₹30, this place has rates lower than your average barista!

Special 'Cheese Cap' Drinks, now in Lucknow

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So, if you are a student, who is trying to survive through your small kitty, this place will hold holy esteem for you, no kidding! Bringing in the best of international flavours, with 'cheese cap' drinks, the first of its kind in Lucknow, Fat Tiger is blending in the freshness with the love of our lives- cheese, and trust us, it is nothing like you have ever tasted before.

Your normal drink is topped with the creamy richness of 5 different kinds of cheese which slowly melt away in the tumbler, transforming the taste of your drink, with each sip. Along with the multiple options under this menu, you can also get this added to ANY drink here, at just ₹30.

Star sellers at Fat Tiger

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What made us fall completely in love with this place is that, despite an excellent range of varieties, Fat Tiger lets you customise your meal just the way you want it. With their Make Your Own Meal feature, they let you pick and curate your own bite! Be it seasoning, sauce, toppings or carbs, with multiple options, the folks here make sure that you don't leave without a full tummy and happy smile!

We tried some of the star sellers here and our spread included Kurkure Chicken Momos, Vegetable Baozi, Charred Brown Sugar and cheese-capped Creme Brulee, Aam Sutra Slush Mob and Rasberry and Blackcurrant cheese-cap Tea. Unlike your normal bite-size momos, the dumplings here were 25 gm each and with 6 pieces in one plate, it was nothing short of a full meal.

The Vegetable Baozi was fluffy and light, with a bun-like spongy covering and juicy filling and each bite set us right on the Oriental trail with its savoury flavours. Both the dumplings were served with a side of a spicy red chutney, which was sealed for maximum hygiene and loaded with a zingy tang! While we had three drinks and we really can't pick a single favourite, for each was a refreshing delight, with their sweet, citrusy and frothy goodness!

Tiger's attempt to save its habitat- sustainable, environment friendly-packaging

While the cool vibe of this joint will instantly make you relate to a trendy fast food place, Fat Tiger is more than just that! While they are up to date with all modern techniques, they are also doing a bit to save the environment by serving all their meals in reusable and microwave-friendly plastic. The best part about this surely has to be the fact that you can use them later to store leftovers!

While drinks are served in glass bottles or high-quality plastic tumblers, you get to have a free shaker as you step out of this place! And guess what, you don't have to pay any extra premium for the same. Besides this, all their cutlery is also made out of wood and bamboo while paper straws help to reduce plastic waste.

Knock Knock

At the risk of repeating ourselves, this place is our personal favourite and if you too want to indulge in their flavours with gusto, holler up your friends or tag along with your bae to set packing on a food coma brought by the goodness of their food!

Location: Vishal Khand, Gomti Nagar, Near CMS School.

Timing: 11 AM to 11 PM

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