The retail-therapy dream: Noida's IKEA store to have malls, theatres & hotels in its premises!

The retail-therapy dream: Noida's IKEA store to have malls, theatres & hotels in its premises!

Here's what you need to know-

By including malls, movie theatres, hotels, entertainment zones and restaurants withing its premises, IKEA store in Noida, is all set to become a dream place for every shopaholic in town. Planned to be to situated between Sector 51 and Sector 52 in Noida, this gigantic mall-cum-store complex will stretch over 12 acres of land (5,22,720 square meters), as one of the largest facility in the Delhi-NCR region.

IKEA store in Noida to be a mix-use store

Elevating the shopping experience in Uttar Pradesh's Noida, the global furniture giant has decided to set its biggest Indian store here. Besides housing the flagship pack-and-parcel furnishing store, this enormous project will also include several retail and commercial stores, standing as mix-use complex, informed officials of the Uttar Pradesh Administration.

Priced at ₹4,000 crores, this project is in the last leg of its procedural transactions. As per reports, this Noida outlet has been in the pipeline since 2018, however, it got stuck in the loop of principle procedures.

Bringing in new job opportunities

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Bringing in new products to the Indian market, IKEA will be widening its customer base. Further, it will have to upgrade its services in order to seamlessly cater to this large market, for which huge manpower will be required. Hence, the project will certainly create new job opportunities, both direct and indirect. The Uttar Pradesh government is also culturing the professional landscape of the state to attract big investors and companies, creating new avenues of growth and development here.

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