By including malls, movie theatres, hotels, entertainment zones and restaurants withing its premises, IKEA store in Noida, is all set to become a dream place for every shopaholic in town. Planned to be to situated between Sector 51 and Sector 52 in Noida, this gigantic mall-cum-store complex will stretch over 12 acres of land (5,22,720 square meters), as one of the largest facility in the Delhi-NCR region.

IKEA store in Noida to be a mix-use store

Elevating the shopping experience in Uttar Pradesh's Noida, the global furniture giant has decided to set its biggest Indian store here. Besides housing the flagship pack-and-parcel furnishing store, this enormous project will also include several retail and commercial stores, standing as mix-use complex, informed officials of the Uttar Pradesh Administration.

Priced at ₹4,000 crores, this project is in the last leg of its procedural transactions. As per reports, this Noida outlet has been in the pipeline since 2018, however, it got stuck in the loop of principle procedures.

Bringing in new job opportunities

Bringing in new products to the Indian market, IKEA will be widening its customer base. Further, it will have to upgrade its services in order to seamlessly cater to this large market, for which huge manpower will be required. Hence, the project will certainly create new job opportunities, both direct and indirect. The Uttar Pradesh government is also culturing the professional landscape of the state to attract big investors and companies, creating new avenues of growth and development here.

Member of NASA's Perseverance Rover launch team, meet Lucknow's Priyanka Srivastava!

Priyanka Srivastava has also worked on Europa Clipper missions and OCO-3, other than Mars 2020 mission.

Among the extraordinary team that led the successful launch and landing of NASA's Perseverance Rover, is Lucknow's Priyanka Srivastava, a systems engineer at NASA-JPL. This rover has been previously sent to Mars for astrobiology related explorations, characterisation of its geology and past climate. Further, it is the first mission that will collect and cache Martian rock and regolith. After landing on 18 February, this rover took a panoramic photograph of the nearby area, which is gaining the attention of scientists and space enthusiasts globally.

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IIT Kanpur to assist NDMC in finding inventive solutions for civic problems

A 15 day competition is being held between startups and innovators to devise enterprising solutions for everyday troubles.

IIT Kanpur has actively partnered with different organisations across the country in order to execute several innovative projects. The Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre of the institute has marked its association with the North Delhi Municipal Corporation for an unparalleled initiative called 'CiTe- Civic Tech Innovation Launchpad', as stated by reports. Started on Friday, this 15-day event is witnessing a competition between start-ups and creators to find inventive solutions for common civic problems.

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Phase 2 COVID vaccination drive begins in Indore, across 10 locations

3 out of the 10 vaccination centres in Indore are government run facilities, where the vaccine will be administered at ₹0/-

The second phase of the coronavirus vaccination has begun in Indore. About 10 locations, including 3 government-run facilities will be administering the COVID jab today to people over 45 years, with comorbidities and to those over 60 years of age. Reportedly, vaccines at state-run vaccination centres will be delivered at zero cost to the beneficiaries. Private vaccination centres, however, will charge ₹250 for each vaccine dose.

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Back to school! Primary schools in Lucknow reopen after almost a year-long vacation

Special celebrations were organised by the schools in the city, to welcome their students.

Schools in Lucknow have finally resumed classes for students of I to V after almost a year-long vacation, induced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision had been finalised upon, after the Basic Education Minister passed a proposal to resume offline classes for the primary section from March 1, made after looking at the falling numbers of coronavirus cases and feasible changes in the weather. With this, city schools are welcoming students of primary classes, in compliance with COVID-19 norms.

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Goa Railway project receives forest clearance; rail line to pass through the Western Ghats

About 50,000 trees will be uprooted for laying down double railway tracks here.

The disputed Goa railway project via the Western Ghats has received a go-ahead for forest clearance. Granted by the Union ministry of environment, forests and climate change, this project will strip nearly 50,000 trees from about 140 hectares of projected land of the Western Ghats. Though this approval has followed a long list of permits conceded earlier, it has also been opposed by many, especially locals, as it is a direct threat to the ecology of the area.

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