THE SCOTCH BROS. in Lucknow's Cinepolis Mall is offering us luxury liquor choices & we are happy high!

THE SCOTCH BROS. in Lucknow's Cinepolis Mall is offering us luxury liquor choices & we are happy high!

The Scotch Bros. offers premium liquor and women friendly shopping experience!

Liquor stores in shopping malls is a new trend in Lucknow and we love the convenience and safety of it. Just heading to a mall to get our favourite booze without any queues like at the usual thekas and having tons of assorted liquor brands at our disposal, is just fun. So if you're a tippler like us, who loves to keep their home bars stocked up, then you've gotta check out The Scotch Bros., at the One Awadh Mall. This liquor retail store is Lucknow's latest one-stop shop for all kinds of booze hankerings and they also have a couple of offers running at the moment.

Now include luxury brands of liquor in your grocery shopping list

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An absolute kick-ass and high-end alcohol store wrapped in shades of gold and draped in wood, The Scotch Bros. is offering us a selection of luxury liquor choices with a range of unique whiskey, scotch, tequila and wine brands. But do note, consumption of liquor isn't allowed within the store premises.

So whatever your mood is set for, this store will surely have it in stock and further, it'll even spoil you with exclusive choices. Whichever way you look, your eyes will glaringly fall upon the well-stocked swanky corners and the knick-knacks here, will make you want to instantly Instagram 'em.

Beginning of a new era in liquor shopping

If you have a party at home or a sleepover where the booze has gotta flow, then they have some exclusive offers for the same. The Scotch Bros. also has several gifting options, inclusive of exotic alcohols and unique packaging, which are bound to put a smile on the recipient's face.

This store even houses 3 flavours of Tilt Wine, namely, Bubbly, Bubble Rose and Red and we'd totally recommend this, if you're a wine person. What we also loveee about The Scotch Bros is the safety quotient of women folks here, who can now buy booze without any judgments and prying eyes around.

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The Scotch Bros., Prateek and Manpreet, were quoted saying, "This is just the beginning of the new era in liquor shopping in town with availability of so many brands like in metro cities. There is more to come from Scotch Bros to keep your spirits high...cheers!"

So what we're saying is-

Now that The Scotch Bros. is in town, you can easily head over to the One Awadh Mall and get your share of luxury alcohol because this is the ultimate haven for tipplers like us! So if your friends are coming over or you are looking for a fine gift which would totally impress the host, this store will have your back.

Location: One Awadh Centre, Cinepolis Mall, Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar Lucknow

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