The Terrace: Lucknow’s most affordable buffet restaurant offers 25+ dishes for just Rs 399!

The Terrace: Lucknow’s most affordable buffet restaurant offers 25+ dishes for just Rs 399!

Christmas and New Year is right around the corner and Lucknow is brimming up with places to make your celebrations grand. While we were on a lookout for buffet restaurants in Lucknow, we found The Terrace, a rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Charans Plaza.

What does it take to relish a Buffet dinner under the starlit sky, at the rooftop of a classy Hotel Charans Plaza? Well, while most of you must be thinking it’ll cost you a fortune, the reality is that The Terrace turned out to be the most affordable buffet restaurant in the city.

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At just Rs 399, The Terrace offers you a wholesome dinner buffet, a beautiful seating arrangement under the open sky, with a very warm and welcoming service.

While the open rooftop area is a perfect space for small parties, the enclosed dining area is a spacious place for a quiet and cozy dinner with your family or friends.

The Terrace offers more than 25 dishes on its buffet menu!

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The starters, main course, and the desserts, everything on the menu is high on taste. Get creative with your food as this place lets you prepare the salad the way you want. DIY style salad allows you to show some cooking skills and enjoy your food with utmost satisfaction.

Customize your Raita with several fruits and spices on the table to make the dish of your choice.

The Murgh Awadhi biryani is a must try while the Firni and Walnut brownie will be the perfect desserts to call it a day.

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Located in the heart of the city, The Terrace lies on the top floor of the Hotel Charans Plaza. Slide into the Habibullah by-lane and rest yourselves at this affordable and warm place this winters. ‘Tis a perfect place to enjoy a hearty Christmas dinner, New Year’s eve with family or even a romantic dinner date.

The Terrace is a must visit place, which brings to you the best taste at an unbelievably low price. Check out their Fb page and Zomato profile for more information.

Location– 4th floor, Hotel Charans Plaza, 11 Habibullah estate Hazratganj, Lucknow.


Breakfast Buffet-  Rs 300 + taxes (7:30 AM to 10:30 AM)

Lunch- Rs 399 + taxes

Dinner- Rs 399 + taxes (7:30 PM to 10:30 PM)

Image credits- Shaad Midhat

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