The vibrant & flamboyant Repertwahr Festival is making a come-back in Lucknow!

The vibrant & flamboyant Repertwahr Festival is making a come-back in Lucknow!

A kaleidoscopic sphere of art & culture - Repertwahr is returning to Lucknow on December 15-18 and we're counting days!

Thespians, comedy enthusiasts, musicians, litterateurs and art admirers of Lucknow, assemble! Season 11 of the glorious Repertwahr Festival is here and we can no longer contain our enthusiasm.

Step through the whimsical 'Doorway to a Dream' as the festival makes its comeback in the city of Nawabs. The dates are out and be prepped to mark your calendars — December 15-18.

Weaving the cultural and historical narratives of Lucknow by one thread that holds all together — this aesthetic extravagant fest is returning after a hiatus of 3 long years due to COVID. All the more reason to count days, really!

Gear up for a one-of-its-kind experience at Repertwahr

So, people, while we await the details and schedules of the much-awaited occasion, let us invite you to a land of fancy and whim. With comedy, music, theatre and literature events, this is a dreamlike experience you must not miss. While the atmosphere will be filled with power-packed performances, the artsy vibes and aura make for a one-of-its-kind experience.

Conceived in 2009, the famed Repertwahr has come a long way from a small theatre affair to a full-fledged performing arts festival. Helmed by Bhoopesh Rai and Priyanka Sarkar, the festival has a special place in the hearts of art and culture enthusiasts of Lucknow. Vibrant, flamboyant and inclusive, this has become the much-deserved token of pride with its kaleidoscopic events.

And now that the unique performing arts festival is summoning us yet again, after a couple of years, we must pay heed! Keep up-to-date with the fest through their Instagram page.


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