These 5 markets in Lucknow to get a major revamp; LED lights, free Wi-Fi & much more coming up

These 5 markets in Lucknow to get a major revamp; LED lights, free Wi-Fi & much more coming up

Local markets at Aminabad, Alambagh, Bhootnath, Chowk and Yahiyaganj to get major tech-renovation

Lucknow Municipal Corporation has launched a new project to transform 5 major markets in the city into smart shopping centres. These markets include- Aminabad, Alambagh, Bhootnath, Chowk and Yahiyaganj.

As per the new orders, high-tech amenities will be added to enhance the overall experience of the customers. The plan of actions includes the installation of free Wi-Fi, LED strip lights to beautify the markets, CCTV cameras for safety and more.

Smart markets for smart city

Moving towards the goal of smart and beautiful Lucknow, the Municipal Corporation in association with Lucknow Smart City Mission, recently announced a development plan for 5 popular markets in the city. The initiative is set to bring smart amenities for people while boosting the tourism appeal of the city, with the aim to increase footfalls in the markets and eventually the business activity.

For starters, LED lights, similar to the ones installed at Lohia Path and 1090 intersection, will be fixed at electric poles, trees and other structures in the market. Besides, the complex overhead network of wire will be replaced by underground electricity cable system. Big LED screens and free Wi-Fi facilities will be added too.

The LMC has drafted the facelift proposal with key-focus on health, hygiene and cleanliness too. For this, the following is in the pipeline too:

  • Health ATM card will be installed

  • Markets will be made no-plastic zones

  • Separate dustbins will be installed for wet and dry waste

  • Clean toilets for men and women

  • Regular cleaning of markets will also be done strictly twice a day, in the morning and evening

Lucknow’s local markets are its pride. The vibrant hues of shops to the crowded narrow lanes, the city bazaars are a token of the city’s rich heritage and culture, as a world within themselves. According to an estimate, there are collectively about 30,000 shops in the 5 listed markets that attract as any as 5 lakh shoppers a day. Once the development project is complete, the LMC not only expects a distinct increase in this count but also the overall effective management of resources here.

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