Check out THESE 7 welfare initiatives assuring free services to COVID patients in Lucknow!

Lucknow stands united in its fight against the deadly second wave!

In the past 3 weeks, the worsening circumstances in Lucknow have transformed the city into one of the most troubled COVID hotspots in the country. With exploding infection rates and contracting medical resources, Lucknowites are struggling to pave their way out of these extraordinary circumstances. In these trying times, some compassionate souls and organisations from the city have pooled in their efforts and resources to provide free services for COVID patients. From food and medicines to ambulance services, here is a list of 7 facilities being provided free of cost to the infected individuals in the city!

Free meals by The Regnant

Assuring the basic necessity of food for all, The Regnant is giving free lunch and dinner meal packs for all COVID-affected families who are unable to prepare their daily supper. In order to get this benefit, you have to provide details including your name, phone number, a positive test report and the number of requirements and they will assure regular food supplies for you. This 'langar' aims to bring relief to a large count of COVID-stricken individuals.

Free medicines by Islamic Centre of India

When the medical infrastructure in the city stands overwhelmed by a swelling count of patients, the authorities at the Islamic Centre of India in Lucknow, have come to the rescue of COVID-affected people. Through their free online doctor consultation facility and COVID care medical kits, the organisation aspires to help the underprivileged in the society, whose sufferings are often uncared for.

Free ambulance service by IMRC, AIPIF & Sahayata Trust

Amid the present situation of crumbling medical resources, this free ambulance service provides transportation facilities for COVID patients in urgent need of hospital care. A collaborative project of IMRC, AIPIF and Sahayata Trust, the free ambulance comes as a life-saving boon for diseased individuals. Given the high demands, they may not be instantly available so you must contact them multiple times for seeking support.

Free Remdesivir injections by Indian Red Cross Society

While inflating prices in the black market for Remdesivir has brought a state of turmoil in the city and the state, the office of Indian Red Cross Society in Qaiserbagh is providing free vials of this anti-viral drug for the deprived individuals. As per sources, one can get two injections of the drug at this facility by giving out all information regarding the patient and his condition. This step hopes to provide considerable respite to the unfortunate infected citizens!

Free medicines by SIPS hospitals

With an objective to ensure the availability and accessibility of COVID medication for the down-trodden people in the society. SIPS hospital has started an initiative to provide free medicines to them. For this purpose, a counter has been set up at gate no. 2 of the hospital where the poor and needy can get their pack of medicines by showing Adhaar card and a positive COVID test report.

Free meals by Tanmay Singh Chaudhary

Amongst free food services in Lucknow, this one is special for it caters not only to COVID patients but to anyone who requires them. Speaking to Knocksense, the distributer Tanmay Singh Chaudhary said, "Free meals are being provided through this initiative to needy people in all areas of Lucknow. Ensuring wider reach of programs, we conduct distribution programs till late hours in the night. Our vision is to make sure that nobody sleeps hungry."

Free meal packets by Rustic Haus

Though a number of free food services are being provided in Lucknow, this one by Rustic Haus is one of the firsts to be started. Lunch packets are available between 12 PM to 2:30 PM and dinner packets can be procured between 7 PM to 9:30 PM at this facility. If you wish to contribute to their noble deed, you can reach out to them and offer donations!

Knock Knock

Like all other times, even the current crisis remains be to overshadowed by a politically charged atmosphere. While few people are still engaged in endless altercations of what's wrong and what could have been better, these strenuous circumstances call for instant action, over and above all debates. Here, it is laudable to note that the citizens have taken it upon their shoulders to serve those in need. Kudos to Lucknowites and their undivided spirit of service! If you know someone who is involved in a similar kind of welfare work, do not forget to tell us in the comments below.

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Hackathon by Lucknow's AKTU to find inventive solutions for the ongoing oxygen crisis!

All interested individuals can apply through the registration portal on the university website by May 10 (5 PM).

Amid heightening oxygen demands across the country, the APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University in Lucknow, is going to organise a hackathon aimed at finding optimal solutions for the LMO crisis. Inviting participation from students, teachers and research fellows, the event will be a race to devise innovative and optimal solutions for reducing wastage, leakage and losses. All interested individuals can apply through the registration portal on the university website by May 10 (5 PM).

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Domestic borders sealed in Jaipur & other Raj districts ahead of blanket lockdown from May 10

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'Breathe India' initiative by IIT Kanpur alumni racks up over 3 cr for tackling rife LMO crisis!

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When citizens across the country are grappling due to a dire shortage of oxygen amid the second wave of the pandemic, a group of alumni from IIT Kanpur have taken it upon their shoulders to assure enhanced supplies of the medical necessity. Through a crowdfunded initiative, 'Breathe India', the group has raised more than 3 crores and ordered oxygen concentrators for medical centres across Delhi. Now, they are expanding this scope of help to Uttar Pradesh with the help of a Lucknow-based NGO.

Right Walk Foundation in Lucknow to support 'Breathe India' in UP

After remarkable triumphs in the first week of the campaign, the alumni collective has now associated with Lucknow's Right Walk Foundation for its programs in Uttar Pradesh. Here, the group aims to distribute concentrators, oxygen cylinders, oximeters and other equipment among the underprivileged individuals. With this, the net target of the campaign has been augmented to ₹4 crores and the initiators anticipate that they would reach this goal soon.

Working on the lines of 'social inclusion', Right Walk Foundation assures support and assistance to slum-dwelling communities across 11 districts of Uttar Pradesh. Highlighting the need for public advocacy, the organisation attempts to create an ecosystem of equity and sustainability.

Successful in assuring widespread relief

As per the information provided on their campaign page, over 250 concentrators are being provided through this program to hospitals and COVID care centres. Marking collaborative efforts with SaveLife Foundation, this group of samaritans have been successful in assuring relief in a much greater measure, than their initial expectations. All of the resources are being delivered across Delhi, working in alignment with the requirements observed by the Delhi Government.

The facilitators consist of Ashutosh Ranka, Isha Agarwal, Nikhil Asati, Kavya Eluru, Randhir Shah- each one from a different batch of IIT-K. Together, they have embarked on a journey to help scores of citizens and save hundreds of Life.

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