This 7th, head to The Flying Saucer Cafe to catch the Punjabi sensation B Praak live in Lucknow

This 7th, head to The Flying Saucer Cafe to catch the Punjabi sensation B Praak live in Lucknow

Punjabi music sensation and the voice of a lot of broken hearts, B Praak is going to be in the Lucknow and we cannot hold on to our hearts. The singer who has been crooning one melodious story after the other and has given us hits like “Teri Mitti” and “Mann Bharrya”, would be performing live in the city.

The singer is coming to The Flying Saucer Cafe, this Friday and you need to be here crooning along to all the amazing hits and the melodies.

So mark your calendars and block your dates because we are sure you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to sing with the man himself, we sure won’t.

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B Praak is known for his beautiful voice and the soulful music he creates. He has been playing and making songs for all the estranged lovers and broken hearted people out there. His songs garner millions of views within days and are on the tips of people’s tongues. We still cannot get over the beauty and simplicity of his voice in Mann Bharreya.

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The Flying Saucer Cafe has established itself as one of the foremost party locations in the city. With its crazy chill vibe and a lavish bar, The Flying Saucer Cafe is Lucknow’s most visited “Weekend party” location. TFS is definitely the most happening place in Lucknow, with open mics, live musical performances, band performances and a lot more.

And with this new performance coming up, we’re sure that the bar would be jam packed. So don’t even think about making last-minute plans, get your tickets now, ‘cuz we are getting ours.

When: 7th June | 9 PM onwards

Prices: ₹500-Female Stag, ₹1000-Couple, ₹1500-Male Stag

Call 9682213888 or 9682214888 for tickets

Where: The Flying Saucer Cafe, Rohtas Presidential Arcade, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar- Lucknow

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