This Dhanteras, head over to the Bhoothnath Market to stock up on festive knick-knacks!

This Dhanteras, head over to the Bhoothnath Market to stock up on festive knick-knacks!

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Diwali is almost here and we're all feeling the vibes around with lines of fairy lights hanging here and there, the smell of pre-winters in the air and of course, the aroma of freshly made sweets!

We're all gearing up for one of the most awaited festivals here in the North and shopping is an integral part of every festivity! Even the smallest of all the markets here are abuzz with chaotic excitement, so you can imagine the sight here at Bhoothnath.

Bhoothnath Market, here in Lucknow has risen to become the Mecca for shoppers during this time of the year and no matter what your budget is, you'll find something here for sure. The roads are all crowded with hawkers and a spread of various items, ranging from vibrant diyas to organic colours for rangoli, paper lights to gifting items.

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Let the Lights Guide You!

As soon as you enter Bhoothnath Market, you'll witness a range of colourful stalls, adorning the busy streets and the rush is surely overwhelming. Bring along someone who can bargain well, or else you're bound to be at a loss here.

As you walk in further, dodging the requests of the initial sellers to take a look at their items, you'll find sprawling stalls of lights, home decor articles and other things you don't need but will probably end up buying anyway.

The light stalls here in the market are innumerable- anywhere your eyes rest, you'll find shops which are selling fancy lights, ranging from the fairy variant to paper ones. Keep treading towards the main market and you'll find doll diyas too, which are trending this season. You can also buy some junk jewelleries in Bhootnath market from a local vendor named Dinesh who sets up his stall in a bicycle.

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Looking for Home Decor?

Bhoothnath is the hub of home decor items, no matter what time of the year it is. Because of the oncoming festival of lights, they've stocked up even prettier items this year.

As you walk on the road, which runs parallel to Babian Restaurant, you'll find stalls which have copper and brass items, which make for pretty home decor. The prices start at ₹70 for a copper plate and can go up to ₹1,500 for a set of 8 brass utensils.

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Rang De This Diwali!

Diwali is incomplete without a rangoli at our doorsteps so you can stock up on the colours here, available in various shades. We even found several shades of blue alone and the pricing starts at ₹20 for 100 gms and if you can bargain, seal the deal at ₹15.

You can even find organic colours, which come with a pocket pinch of ₹35 for 100 gms.

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Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye?

What is a celebration without sweets?!

If you're searching for a sweet-shop here at the Bhoothnath Market, which would make for a box full of yumminess, then you can't miss out on visiting Chandrakala Sweets! They have fresh gujiyas which have been curated especially for this festive season and their boondi ke laddoos made of desi ghee is a sure-shot crowd puller.

The prices are nominal here but the quality of their offerings are superior! They also have a small space for you to sit inside and if you're looking for something savoury, go for their batashe!

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Knock Knock

So when in Lucknow, if you need to stock up on the last moment knick-knacks before the guests arrive, Bhoothnath Market is where you need to head to. It fits all budgets- be it a piece of intricate chikan kurta or ethnic earrings, lights or utensils, this market has you covered.

P.S. Carry enough cash along with you because most of these hawkers, do not take online transactions or cards.

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