This Diwali, shop from Lucknow's famous markets & light up the lives of local vendors!

We're absolutely rooting for #VocalforLocal because during such testing times, low-scale businesses and vendors need your attention and support!

Diwali is just around the corner and our plan right now is to scrap things off our shopping lists ASAP! Although the celebrations this year are gonna be toned down due to the pandemic, we still have a lot to do at home- make rangolis, Diwali special jhaadu-pochha, decorate the house and the list simply goes on. So if you're planning on stepping out soon to bag the festive items, give the local markets in Lucknow a thought instead of the malls and other flourishing businesses. We're absolutely rooting for #VocalforLocal because during such testing times, low-scale businesses and vendors need your attention and support!

Bhoothnath Market

Lucknow's Bhoothnath Market is hailed as the Mecca for shoppers during this time of the year and no matter what your budget is, you'll find something here for sure. The roads are packed with hawkers and there are innumerable stalls offering us a spread of various items, ranging from vibrant diyas to organic colours for rangoli, paper lights to gifting items- you'll find it all here! Bhoothnath offers us a selection of fancy lights, home decor articles and other things, which you don't need but will probably end up buying anyway! So go over, maintain distance, wear a mask and start shelling out on local products.

Aminabad Market

Aminabad Market is one of the cheapest markets in Lucknow and if you wanna grab a few decor items like mats, diyas, lights and so on within a stipulated budget, this is your next stop! This year, to celebrate Diwali on a green note, you'll find diyas made of cow dung here, which are selling like hot cakes and also, the usual namkeen stalls are currently operational too. Aminabad is famed for its variety of articles and also moreover for the crammed lanes, so you've gotta be careful here- masks and sanitizers here are a must and if you're beyond the age of 50-55 or are pregnant, do avoid this area.

Aliganj Market

If you're looking for pretty diyas, candles or intricately done idols of Ganesh-Laxmi, head out to Lucknow's Aliganj Market. This hub of budget-friendly decorations, has always been our go-to during festivities. This market also has beautiful earthen pots and pieces for you to take home and if you're looking for gifting options, these are gonna impress even the most discerning relatives or guests.

Instead of crackers, light up someone's life this Diwali!

This year, we are ushering in the festivities on the lines of the new normal and in this phase, we have to support each other as we're all in this together! So instead of lighting up firecrackers, consider lighting up someone's life this Diwali- surely, it'll be a happier one then.

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In an attempt to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission due to increased inter-state movement, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has created new, special zones to test all domestic passengers from Delhi, Goa, Rajasthan and Gujarat for the coronavirus infection. The airport authorities have stated that all travellers, arriving from these above mentioned places, will be directed to the test zone, located near the baggage carousel, to undertake the COVID-19 test before they leave the airport premises.

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To get some postivitea in the winters of 2020, check out these 7 chai tapris in Lucknow, ASAP!

The winter season is here and so is the time for some pun-chai-tea!

If you're one of those who love to wake up to a sight of a bubbling cup of chai in order to kickstart your day on a high, this article is a must-read for you. You know you're a certified chai-lover if a cup of chai is what you can also call your mood fixer, aromatherapy, the 4 AM friend whose warmth is like the much-needed hug and a lot more.

Dear Lucknowites, if your jam song this winter season is 'ek garam chai ki pyali ho,' then you've come to the right place! Check out our curated list of the best chai places and indulge in an affair with a range of Lucknow-special chais to warm your soul:

Moin Kashmiri Tea Point

Moin Kashmiri Tea Point serves a sweeter rendition of the Kashmiri pink tea, which is must-try when you are in the city! Also known as the Noor tea or Sheer chai, this pink coloured tea is a luxurious blend of saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg - with the essence of kewra! Located in Old Lucknow's Hussainabad, this point serves the original, creamy and rich blend of the gulaabi chai, at pocket friendly prices!

Dosto Ki chai

As the name suggests, this place is the best place to hang out with your friends, where conversations about anything and everything brew along with the steaming tea. This place has an indoor seating arrangement to ward off the chill of the winter season and fills your appetite with an assorted range of Maggi options!

Talab- The Chai Junction

Satiating your talab for a cup of tea this winter season, the Talab Chai Junction is a place which has rose to high popularity among youngsters for its super quirky tea blends! From hangover cures to combinations of coffee and tea, this place serves it all, with a Nawabi flourish! The place serves an assortment of snacks and you can't help but give into the desire of ordering a delicious side dish of pasta, Maggi, sandwiches or the other finger foods!

Chai Peeni Hai

Chai peeni hai? If your answer to the this question, is always a yes, then this place is exactly where you need to be for a cup of warmth in the coming days. With numerous outlets, spread in the city, you do not have to go very far looking for the amazing tea point. Besides tea, you'll find an array of snack options here, or as they call it, chai ke bahane, which we don't think you need, since you have scrolled down till here!

Bun Makkhan Chai

The ever-green combination of chai and ban-makkhan is literally what the next place on our list is called and you need to visit it to indulge in the classic flavours of North! But that is not all, Gomti Nagar's Bun Makkhan Chai also caters those who are looking for more than the desi flavours, like- the immensely famous cheese garlic bread or garlic- herbs ban makkhan and many more!

Bajpai Prem Tea Point

Nothing can beat the flavours and satisfaction of the good-ol' tapri, Bajpai Prem Tea Point. Besides a heavenly cup of tea, this place also serves full meals to its customers, at pocket-friendly prices!

Sharma ji ki chai

Last, but surely not the least, the shrine for every tea lover in the city, Sharma Ji Ki Chai, is Lucknow's most popular tea point and you just can't experience the essence of Awadh without sipping on to their tea. Offering the famous gol samosas and bun makkhan, this is that one place in Lucknow that has inspired various chai-points to go live and kicking!

So, if winter strolls in Lucknow are your cup of tea, then make sure to try out these places to embrace the hug of a piping garam chai. For more such recommendation, follow Knocksense Lucknow on Instagram.

If you're in Goa and wanna check-list all the famous places this state has to offer, then Martin's Corner should not skip your attention. Martin's is an award-winning establishment, which has been around for over 30 years now and this 'corner', is hailed highly for its laid-back ambience and a bandwagon of cuisines which are gonna have you coming back for more.

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