THIS popular market in Lucknow is where you can find Ravan effigies on Dussehra

THIS popular market in Lucknow is where you can find Ravan effigies on Dussehra

Located in front of KK Hospital on Nabiullah Road in Daliganj, Baasmandi is a decades old Bamboo Market of Lucknow.

Remember those good old childhood days when we'd all get together with our friends from the neighbourhood on Dussehra, decorate bamboo Ravana structures, and fill them with all sorts of crackers?

Well, if you're still keeping the tradition alive or participating in the festivities in any way, it's almost time to grab a Ravana statue for the upcoming festival, set to happen this Tuesday!

The Baasmandi in Lucknow's Daliganj area (River Bank Colony) is one of the largest bamboo markets in the city, where you can find the perfect Ravana statue for your neighbourhood or compound at the right prices.

A multitude of sellers, selling Ravanas in all shapes & sizes

What makes this place perfect for your purchase is that there isn’t just one, but multiple sellers lining the stretch, providing personalized statues as well as pre-decorated ones in a variety of sizes and price ranges.

The Baasmandi of Daliganj, as its name implies, is a decades-old bamboo market in Lucknow. This market which can usually be seen brimming with an abundance of green-brown bamboo sticks and structures, takes on a vibrant theme during this specific time of the year.

A glimpse of the market

As we explored the area, the entire stretch was brimming with a multitude of Ravana statues. Some were fully assembled and adorned with colorful paper, while others were in the process of being put together. We could see bamboo craftsmen attaching different parts – the hands, head and the main body; while some were being crafted from scratch.

For a price estimate, the smallest 5 ft. statue is about ₹500 if you prefer it without decoration, but it goes for around ₹800 if you'd like it fully decorated. On the flip side, the largest sizes, going up to 16 ft., range from ₹8,000 to ₹10,000. This very spot doesn't just provide ready-to-sell Ravanas to the public but also crafts the statues that are set ablaze at various Ramayana events in town.

Knock Knock

So, the folks at Baasmandi don't include the crackers themselves in the Ravana statues, given the potential risks during transportation.

Also, if you're taking one of these Ravana statues home this Dussehra, be cautious when adding fireworks. Overloading the Ravana with too many crackers can lead to mishaps, posing potential harm to people and a significant fire risk to the surroundings.

Where: Baasmandi Market, Nabiullah Road, Near Indira Gandhi Planetarium, Daliganj, Lucknow

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