With more and more companies looking for versatile executives, in today's world MBA has become a necessity. And if there's one place where anyone and everyone wants to pursue their MBA, it is the IIMs. People around the country aim to get into the most prestigious Indian institute for their MBA and the competition is one of the most gruelling ones in the world.

If you too are an aspiring MBA student who wants to get in the IIMs or has been looking for the right kind of guidance, this scholarship test is just for you! CATaPult is one of the successful institutes in Lucknow, especially for aspiring student with an IIM dream.

CATaPult Lead India Scholarship Test (CLIS)

Started by IIM Indore convertee Amit Agarwal (chairman) and IIFT alumni Sharad Mishra, CATaPult aims to give as many opportunities to students as possible. Hence they've come up with an exceptional scholarship program with 100% scholarship.

So if you are an aspiring student with an IIM dream, the scholarship test will not only help you bell the CAT exams without any extra payment but will also give you the guidance of expert mentors.

Among the mentors, Sharad Mishra, CoFounder and CEO of CATaPult Classes, IIFT Alumni has scored 99.9+%ile consecutively for the third time, getting 99.97%ile in CAT 2019. He has even scored 99+ percentile in all the three sections of exam.

Shubham Dodeja, VARC mentor scored 99.8 percentile in VARC 2018 and got an overall 99.4 percentile CAT in 2019.

Success Stories

1 in 4 students at CATapult has managed to score above 90%ile in the CAT exams, putting new feathers in CATaPult's cap.

Nikhil Meghani, final year BBA student from BBD University in his first attempt scored 98.18%ile, getting calls from IIM Lucknow, Kozikhode and many other institutes.

Kshitij Tripathi scored 99.37%ile has calls from IIM Lucknow, Kozikhode among many others. Ishani Tandon scored 97.27%ile, a drastic improvement from 60s in CAT 2018.

While, Aishwarya, a student from National PG College, had below 50%ile in CAT 2018 and ended up scoring 94%ile in QA and overall of around 90%ile in CAT 2019. Siddhant Chandel scored 94%ile in CAT 2019 from 70's in CAT 2018. Siddhant Raizada, BBDNITM student, scored 96+%ile with calls from several IIMs, which was a stark improvement from the 80's he scored in CAT 2018.

There are several such stories and students that can be met by aspiring MBA students at CATaPult's Chinhat and Kapoorthala centres.

Not just that, the institute is also offering huge discounts for aspiring students. As a first time CAT examinee you can register for ₹40,000 or just ₹20,000 as a repeater!

Knock Knock

CATaPult has helped to shape the life of countless students and the unparalleled mentorship has become the foundation of several success stories.

If you're an IIM aspirant and want to crack the CAT with flying colours, CATaPult can give you just the right guidance. So rather than wasting your time and sitting for numerous trial classes, go ahead and take the scholarship test today.

For more information regarding career counselling, you can visit their institute or call at 9682028888.

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