This shaadi season, snag authentic Chikankari designs from Avadh Chikan in Lucknow

This shaadi season, snag authentic Chikankari designs from Avadh Chikan in Lucknow

Located in Lucknow's heart, Hazratganj, the 43-year-old Avadh Chikan continues to charm fashion mongers to date!

The traditional art of Chikankari has been long embedded in our Awadhi culture, fostering its roots since the very beginning. And while it is now globally recognised, there are a few brands, native to Lucknow, that have been the strongest proponents of the same.

One such name, established in 1980, is Avadh Chikan. Based in Lucknow's heart — Hazratganj — Avadh Chikan has been carried on the shoulders of three generations and continues to charm fashion mongers till date!

If you're a fan of intricate Chikan work and like to slay your ethnic outfits, this could be your one-stop store for all things Chikankari!

Magic woven by local artisans

Because, we're always in need of new ensembles, right? Especially while the wedding season is upon us and we're attending full-fledged functions here and there!

Avadh Chikan offers you not just the chance of going on a delightful shopping spree but prides itself in producing the finest of fabrics. The synonym of grace and beauty, the clothing here is special for a reason — they're a result of hard work and love. While nothing is manufactured by machinery here, a team of local artisans, who have gained expertise in the craft after ages of practise, carefully curate the products at Avadh Chikan. It is purely the magic woven by these artisans that the time-hallowed shop produces authentic, handcrafted fabrics.

Promoting Lucknow's heritage Chikankari

Along with supporting local artisans and indulging in ethical practises in the making, Avadh Chikan has a stronger purpose of existence. As per the owners, the store's vision has been, and always will be, to enrich our traditions and artistry, to uphold the heritage of Lucknow.

In this regard, Avadh Chikan strives to be more than just a brand. Through the intricate designs, the brand is making an attempt to preserve our culture. And with time, it has adapted to the trends and offers something for everyone. Pure, handmade Chikan clothing that prioritises comfort but does not compromise. From bridal wear to regular outfits, the 43-year-old shop has it all!

Check out to shop online!

Or visit the offline store: Janpath Market, B-31, Sushanpura, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Contact: 9415018254

Instagram: @avadhchikan_lucknow

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