This Summer, revel in lit music, food & drinks at Lucknow's biggest Indie Music & Beer Fest

This Summer, revel in lit music, food & drinks at Lucknow's biggest Indie Music & Beer Fest

2nd edition of Indie Music & Beer Fest is making a comeback in Lucknow on April 9.

Lucknow, something's brewing and we can no longer wait to let you in on it! People, it's finally time to witness the Joy of Little Things because lots of Indie icons, including When Chai Met Toast, are coming to town at the hep and happening Indie Music & Beer Fest by Knocksense very soon!

Loaded with pretty talented and trendy Indie artistes, a diverse range of food and beverages and a huuuge potential to bust dance moves — this is the second edition of the lit Indie Fest, returning only at your demand. And the cherry on top? You're in for a treat with complimentary drinks included on all tickets!

Rock, roll, and rigour!

All those who're acquainted with the fests organised by Knocksense — we don't need to remind you of how indelible these events turn out to be. For those who've stumbled upon this for the first time, people, we assure you, there's gonna be lots of beer, music, and fun at the crazy Indie Music & Beer Fest!

The cultural extravaganza, happening on April 9 in the city of Nawabs, is all set to introduce rock, roll, and rigour in your lives!

A larger-than-life celebration

Besides the 'When We Feel Young' fame When Chai Met Toast (the popular multilingual Indie-folk alternative band from Kochi), a power performance by Dikshant behind the viral 'Aankhon Se Batana', among others, will leave you awed! And while you're vibing to the hip music, go on a binge-eating spree with the delicious munchies and nibbles at the pop-up stalls at the Indie Music & Beer Fest!

A larger-than-life celebration, all you need to do to book your spots for the affair is visit the Knocksense App on your phone.

Get your own Indie music fest gang

So, what is it that you're waiting for? Go ahead and create that WhatsApp group with your fam in it (probably with a title 'Indie music fest gang', you're welcome) and lock your passes now!

Oh, and, since we absolutely love free stuff — P.S. —

You get 1 free drink with a platinum ticket @ ₹699 and 2 free drinks with a premium ticket @ ₹999!

So, go, go, go!

When: April 9, 7 PM onwards

Where: To be revealed soon (Stay tuned, people!)

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