This week’s special in Lucknow: A rendezvous with the PHUNny all-rounder Tarun Mishra!

This week’s special in Lucknow: A rendezvous with the PHUNny all-rounder Tarun Mishra!

Phun Unlimited a funky fashion store is gaining popularity as a contemporary clothing brand for youth in Lucknow. The unique branding of this Patrakar Puram store involves T-shirts full of puns which have clicked with the youth of Lucknow.

The brand is the brainchild of designer and entrepreneur Tarun Mishra who holds a postgraduate degree in design from MIT, Pune! Knocksense had the opportunity for a tete-a-tete with entrepreneur and here’s what we learned!

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Tell us about the inspiration behind your brand?

The inspiration behind PHUN unlimited came out of actual life conversations with friends. Among friends we often use pun as a way to express bonding and connection between people. Thats how PHUN was conceived. We aim to keep the fun intact!

What about the design studio?

The inspiration for TMDS, i.e. Tarun Mishra Design Studio inspiration came through solving daily problems connected to graphics! TMDS is a brand that is helping people to establish a better connection with their brand identity- their psychology, desires and thoughts! TMDS aims to provide solutions to people’s and brand’s graphic needs through 2D graphics.

What is PHUN’s USP? Why do you think PHUN is different from other competing stores?

Well PHUN’s USP is quite plain and simple; it’s based on the fun element in every friendship!

It’s not just a clothing merchandise brand - it’s a depiction of reality albeit a funny one. That’s what makes it different from the rest of its competitors and everyone deserves a good laugh because life can be difficult!

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Why do you think PHUN & TMD will work in Lucknow’s market?

I am quite certain PHUN & TMDS will work well in Lucknow because Lucknow is unique. Lucknow audience and market hold the key to solving people’s problems through graphics and graphical representations! Of course PHUN also makes people laugh which is much needed in today’s times.

I feel Lucknow is at par with other metros. It’s a city with innumerable dreams and the will to grow and it will be massive in the next couple of years. As someone who is born and brought up here, I love this city and I would like to lend a hand in its growth. People here are smart and hard working and all I have to do is add to their happiness through my design skills. And that will definitely be counted as part of its growth.

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Tell us about ‘Tarun Mishra Design Studio’.

TMDS, is all about raising the bar of 2D designing in Lucknow. It’s an opportunity for the audience to understand the depth of graphic design and what value the interface design holds in the current scenario! It has also been providing the most cutting edge design solutions.

Having worked with brands such as VIVO MOBILES, BAUSCH AND LOMB, DUNKIN DONUTS, DAIKIN etc., TMDS has insights about the industry which others rarely do. TMDS focuses on not only the fundamentals of design but also believes in experimenting with the traditional concepts. TMDS is known for its quality, dedication, will, innovation, experimentation and follow up service. TMDS will surely not disappoint you.

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Do you have further plans for another franchise in Lucknow or any other city?

We do have plans in the pipeline however, it’s still too early to take that forward but hopefully if PHUN Unlimited and TMDS get a good response then I am sure we would introduce the concept of “PHUNNING” everywhere.

Any plans for an online store?

Yes, absolutely! We are in talks with Amazon and Wooplr and soon there should be a collaboration!

We are focusing on becoming a seller on Myntra since it’s the best fashion platform in the nation. It will be a great opportunity if PHUN Unlimited gets to be a part of the Myntra family.

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What special offer is PHUN providing us this winter?

PHUN and TMDS combined are providing huge offers in all kinds of clothing and services this winter. We are offering lots of cheer this holiday season.

A huge range of customizations are available at TMDS and PHUN. No running around for clients. We will give them a final product. All they have to do is express themselves freely and we will bring it to life. Our offers cover marriage, corporate and political related customizations as well.

So guys head over to PHUN Unlimited and explore the refreshing options which Tarun has introduced in the city! Bet you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking to have fun with your clothing!

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