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If you also believe that a balanced diet is having chocolates in both hands, then today is just the day for you! Celebrated as World Chocolate Day, July 7 is lit with the joy of hearty and cute and you can jump the wagon of this happiness as you savour the goodness of the choicest confections available. And if you wish to notch up the indulgence, THESE 9 chocolatey foods available in Lucknow deserve to be on your menu!

Chocolate Paan

When in Lucknow, you cannot call it a meal until you've had the refreshing bite of a paan! Now, imagine if your paan offers you the gooey goodness of chocolate - is there any way of resisting it? Well, we say no, as we present this widely popular paan preparation, that is a dessert and a fresher.

Chocolate Dosa

This dish is the closest Indian rendition of a pancake, which makes it a star favourite among foodies. Available at the Dosa Planet in Lucknow, this South Indian delicacy accentuates the flavours of the cocoa drizzle and concocts a flavour like never before!

Chocolate Chai

"Sugar and spice, and every nice" is the one way to describe this chocolate chai. A brew of the kick of tea and the kiss of chocolate, this tea should definitely be on your must-have food lists! All we're gonna say is that you must try something new - before classic tea lovers charge against us!

Chocolate Pizza

Ending your debate with pineapple or no pineapple on pizza, we present to you another quirky delight- chocolate pizza. Get your hands on this baked perfection at the TCR in Lucknow and feel the romance of the cocoa goodness with a cookie-like crust. Traditionally speaking, it may sound outrageous but the chocolate pizza is a great sweet plum that deserves your attention!

Chocolate momo

For all those who have always called momos the oriental modak, here is another surprise for you. Chocolate momos by Nainital Momos in Lucknow, are pockets of melted chocolates that will redefine your love for this street-side food. Indulge 'mo' and 'mo' in the spiral of the smooth and exquisite texture of this dish, as you celebrate World Chocolate Day!

Chocolate Paratha

A shout out to the North Indians at the back, chocolate parathas are yet another dish you can try today or tomorrow (or rather every day!) The crispy crust and chocolate relish characterise this dish, so get set going to the Parathe Wali Gali in Lucknow to feast on this classic serving.

Chocolate Pani Puri

Pani puri is sacred for all street food lovers and trying out this recipe will really be a stretch of faith - but oh-so worth it. These small deep fried appetizers can be found at the Arshad Pani Batashe stall in Lucknow. The only catch is, that you have to visit this place to savour their gracious sweetness!

Chocolate Kulfi

While kulfis are traditionally made with milk, saffron and dry fruits, you need to try chocolate kulfi at least once. Not too far from the usual ice creams, it has its own unique Indian blends that outshine the regular delights of the same category! Head out to Prakash Kulfi- the kulfi shrine in Lucknow, to experience unexampled royalty.

Chocolate Samosa

Samosas are by far the most popular Indian snack round the world and when you add the richness of coco blends to this deep-fried pastry, you get one of the craziest fusion food ever. Head out to Mosasa in Aliganj or just order from here and indulge away!

Knock Knock

As bizarre as it may sound, chocolate really starlights any food and that's a plain FACT! Life is all about celebrating the little joys and moments and trust us, chocolate is the same. So, if you catch the drift - yes, we are saying chocolate is life. Get set going and end your day with these amazing food options and call it the best day of your life.

In a bid to curtail the spread of COVID-19, the authorities of the Jaipur Airport have resumed the COVID prevention and control campaigns at the airport premises. After noticing a sudden surge in the city's fresh case tally the concerned health department, alerted the officials at the airport, due to which now a vaccination certificate or a negative RT-PCR report has been made mandatory for people flying to Jaipur.

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Three zebras from Israel's Zoological Center, Ramat Gan Safari are currently stationed in an isolation ward in Lucknow Zoo

Manoj Chabbra

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Celebrating yet another win by Indore in this year's Swachh Survekshan Awards, Indore Municipal Corpporation organised an event on Tuesday to honour and appreciate the efforts of the sanitation workers of the city. Notably, this historic win makes Indore a record winner of being the Cleanliest City in India for five consecutive years. Moreover, in this year's Swachh Amrit Mahotsav Indore managed to secure two additional accolades, that include SBM Water+ certified city and 'Five-Star garbage-free city'.

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Citizens in Lucknow will soon be able to book online bus tickets via UPSRTC's new mobile app!

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Facilitating a smoother and economical customer experience, Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is coming up with a mobile application that will help people book advance tickets at an extra charge of ₹8. At present, passengers have to pay around ₹20 to ₹30 extra while booking seats through the official website of Uttar Pradesh roadways. Reportedly, this service will be made available to the public from January 2022.

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Proud moment for Lucknow: Actor Anil Rastogi receives prestigious Kalidas Samman from MP govt

According to the reports, the award includes a cash prize of ₹2 lakh and a citation by the administration for the actor's exemplary work in this field

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