This 'World Vada Pav Day' let’s take a look at our beloved street-food snack and its origin!

This 'World Vada Pav Day' let’s take a look at our beloved street-food snack and its origin!

As simple as it gets, Vada Pav is our prized version of Germany’s classic hamburger.

A classic street food titbit native to Maharashtra, Vada Pav or famously known as Batata Vada, is probably the first on our list of things to eat in Mumbai. This popular snack has made its way even outside of The City of Dreams, and can be found right here in our very own City of Nawabs too!

And what better occasion to devour these super simple yet super delicious Vada Pavs than World Vada Pav Day! Celebrated every year on August 23 to pay homage to our lip-smacking snack.

Let’s get stuffed! 

Also spelled wada, bada, vadai, vade, across the country, vada is a spiced potato patty that is the star of the dish. There are many variations of the aalo mixture across India, but the Mumbai version features a extremely tasteful base, thanks to decent amount of curry leaves, ginger, mustard seeds, cilantro, green chiles, and many squeezes of lemon. After being patted into a neat patty, it is coated in a mildly seasoned chickpea flour batter and fried to a golden brown bliss.

Further, the patty is enclosed into soft and airy buns. Flavour-wise, this stand-out combination serves to be a complete ride of flavours.

The spiced and deep-fried green chillies add a smoky flavour to the dish which for us is absolutely non-negotiable. This component is what ties together the experience of enjoying a Vada Pav, street-style!

You thought we forgot the green chutney? Noway! Made with the goodness of dhaniya, lehsun, imli, hari mirch, and lots of Indian masalas, the chutney enhances the taste of this snack! If you’re lucky, you’ll also find kiosks selling a spicy red mix along with the pav that adds a roasty-toasty heat to the snack. Sprinkle it over or take a pinch with every bite and it’s a hit. We can almost see you nodding in agreement!

Knock Knock

As per the most comment theory, origin of Vada Pav is credited to Mumbai’s Ashok Vaidya who established a small kiosk outside Dadar railway station in 1966. With time, the dish gained popularly across Mumbai and became a national street food snack.

People's excitement for Vada Pav Day in India can also be seen on Twitter today. And if you haven't stepped out yet for a bite of this epic snack, head out now, because Lucknow houses a lot of street side stalls as well as eateries that serve different renditions of this powerful snack! And don‘t forget to pair it with a warm cup of chai *happy smiles*!

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