Thunderstorms & strong winds in store for Lucknow today

Thunderstorms & strong winds in store for Lucknow today

Cyclonic disturbance award UP its coolest May in 20 years, pleasant weather to perisit in June, as well.

In a first in 20 years, Uttar Pradesh reportedly logged in the coolest May, where the average day temperatures ranged 40°C. This regulation was awarded by the frequent spells of cyclonic disturbances on either Indian coast, with Taukte on the West and Yass on the East. The met department has hinted that the pleasant weather conditions- light rains and haze will persist in Lucknow and other regions in UP, however, the mercury may rise over 40°C in June.

Lucknow may witness a thunderstorm today

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The Meteorological Department has cautioned against thunderstorms in parts of Uttar Pradesh, accompanied by lightning and gusty winds at 30-40kmph, on Tuesday and Wednesday. As per reports, Lucknow also falls under the radar. The weather forecasts highlight that a persistent cloud cover envelope will Lucknow and may spin a thunderstorm later on Tuesday. As per reports, the weather might turn sunny on Wednesday.

Weather to impact city's AQI

Besides this, the air quality in Lucknow is likely to suffer. Health effects can be immediately felt by sensitive groups, while healthy people may experience difficulty in breathing. Other conditions like throat irritation may also be felt with prolonged exposure. City dwellers are advised to limit outdoor activity and wear a mask for protection against the pandemic as well as air hazards.

The maximum temperatures may rise over 40°C on certain days in Lucknow, during June but the average heat will remain well within the limit. Weekly temperatures will shuttle between the upper limit of 39°C and a lower limit of 30°C here. Predictions also suggest that light showers, thunderstorms and strong breeze will regulate the summer heat in the second week of June as well.

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