Time-saving & hospitable: Here's why Realtooth in Lucknow has a long & loyal following

Time-saving & hospitable: Here's why Realtooth in Lucknow has a long & loyal following

Knocksense spoke with some patients about their experiences during dental treatments at Realtooth & this is what they had to say.

There are certain experiences and certain people that stick, that embed an everlasting impression on our minds, and you co-exist thrivingly with them. That's how we feel about our favourite eateries/bakeries that we've been going to for decades, or our specific family doctors that we trust with closed eyes. They grow with you and you grow with them.

Knocksense spoke with some Lucknowites who have been visiting a premium chain of clinics, Realtooth, and have shared their experience with us.

'One of the finest clinics': Reva Agarwal

From the inception of a small clinic setup, Realtooth has grown with the support of good friends and loyal patients. Along with garnering the trust of 7,000 running patients, the clinical enterprise has catered to almost 50,000+ patients till date.

One of the clients associated with Realtooth for the longest time, Mrs Reva Agarwal has been visiting the clinic for almost 15 years. She, along with her family, who has undergone multiple treatments, expresses, "I've been coming to Realtooth for over a decade and have had no complaints whatsoever. It's is the only reason I've stuck with them."

"My son has had complicated problems with his teeth because it was an accidental case. He fell down from a rooftop 32 years ago and I've been to so many other dentists but no one could really help. It was Realtooth where doctors were prompt and the procedures were so very efficient that the problems have faded."

Mrs Reva Agarwal

It is "one of the finest clinics", she says further.

'Excellent treatment & guidance': Simran Sahani

Simran Sahni and son Aditya
Simran Sahni and son Aditya

Another Realtooth client, Mrs Simran Sahani, who has been approaching Realtooth dentists for her and her family's dental treatments, shares,

"It has been more than four years of regular check-ups at Realtooth and the experience has been nothing but great. I am awed by their high-tech equipment facilities. More than excellent treatment, there's the guidance I always admire. They tell us things we have never heard of and guide us regarding prevention and precautions so we have a lot of trust in them."

Simran Sahani

She further speaks about her son's dental journey, "Once my son had an issue with his milk teeth. The team of doctors at Realtooth fixed his entire denture. He had four of his teeth removed and faced no problems during the treatment whatsoever. More than offering a specialised treatment, it was a painless experience and that says a lot about the dentistry."

'The procedures take minimum visits': Girish Mathur

Girish Mathur & family
Girish Mathur & family

Mr Girish Mathur, who's been associated with Realtooth for around five years, talks with Knocksense about his experience,

"Our whole family has availed treatment services, from root canal and bridge to aligners and tooth implants. Dr Amit and Dr Arpita are reliable doctors and the consultation is excellent too."

He continues,

"All of us, from my parents to children, have had a good experience at Realtooth. The team of dentists share with you the future aspects of the issues, explain the procedures in detail, so much so that you're assured and aware."

Girish Mathur

"The procedures also took a short span of time and minimum visits," he adds.

About Realtooth

Started as a solo branch in 2005, Realtooth has grown and adapted with the changing times. And they're showing utmost gratitude to their patients and customers for the loyalty and trust for all these years.

Co-founded by Dr Amit Anand and Dr Arpita Anand, Realtooth today is a distinguished name in the field and one of reasons for this is a long and loyal following.

To know what's it all about, book and plan your visit now! Contact +91-8881900300 to know more.

Website: https://realtooth.in/


Realtooth Mahanagar - 8081151128

C-117 H SECTOR A, Mandir Marg, Mahanagar

Realtooth Aliganj - 080811 51129

Star tower, opp. Kendriye Bhawan, Sector H, Aliganj

Realtooth Gomti Nagar - 080811 51139

Ground Floor, Tower No- 1, Omaxe Heights, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

Realtooth Gokhale Marg - 080811 51138

Ground Floor, Greeenwood Apartment, Gokhale Marg, Near Redhill School

Time-saving & hospitable: Here's why Realtooth in Lucknow has a long & loyal following
18 years of Realtooth in Lucknow: The journey of seeking excellence in dental care

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