To survive, you must escape! Exploring the ceaseless charm of adventures at Mystery Rooms in Lucknow

To survive, you must escape! Exploring the ceaseless charm of adventures at Mystery Rooms in Lucknow

Once you're done with the mission and come out famished, Mystery Room's Masquerade Cafe will be there to your rescue!

If you're a thrill seeker or an outdoorsy person with an inclination towards chilling with friends/fam in an offbeat setting, there's no way you haven't yet experienced Mystery Rooms in Lucknow! Even if you're someone who has a thing for solving cases or sleeps while watching a true crime documentary (yep, there's no denying), we're sure the charm of Mystery Rooms can help you live the thrill!

For those who aren't acquainted with the concept, Mystery Rooms, have, but, ONE agenda — to survive, you must escape! You're locked in a themed room, with a couple of your people (ideally, 2-8 players) and, well, the clock is ticking.

Crack codes, solve mysteries & have a blast!

What you have to do now is put your minds together to crack codes, solve puzzles and descry the mystery to escape in one hour! The Mystery Rooms has five different missions, namely:

The Hurt Locker — a dire bomb-defusing situation where you're an elite member of the bomb squad and have lives to save!

Lockout — an insane prison-break challenge where you've been wrongly convicted of a crime and have to break free of the shackles!

Abduction — a high-profile race against time where you're an eminent personality kidnapped by a terrorist organisation and need to escape before the president makes a compromise to free you.

Cabin In The Woods — here's a difficult murder mystery where you've to enter a cursed occult forest and save villagers!

A Night in Bhangarh — and, finally, the toughest of em all - this is the mystery of a cursed fort and you're a curious adventure seeker who must survive paranormal activities.

This action-oriented place will keep you and your gang totally engrossed! And once you're done with the adventure and come out famished, Mystery Room's Masquerade Cafe will be there to your rescue!

A carnivelesque Masquerade Cafe to fulfill foodies' cravings!

Step into a realm where mystery meets scrumptious delights and intrigue dances with delectable aromas. This whimsical Masquerade Cafe is where your taste buds will embark on a novel quest, while your inner detective gets a chance to shine!

Picture this, people — a vibrant space adorned by vintage furniture, quirky masks and abstract artwork. A perfect blend of intrigue and relaxation, the cafe lets its visitors unwind while immersing into playful mystery. Besides, of course, who could say no to delish culinary treats?

Whether you'd like a Freaky Shake with Mystery Pops or Mask of Horror (chicken wings) paired with a Veggies Dance (cheese fountain burger) and a Tiramisu Cold Coffee, the masquerade-inspired menu here is delightfully themed and elaborate. Are you a pizza person? If yes, go for a Scare Crow Pizza and thank us later!

An escapade for all: Mystery Rooms x Masquerade Cafe

Moreover, if you'd like to host a party (from get-togethers, unique birthday parties to corporate affairs), what would be a better place for team bonding than solving a mystery together!? The cafe is also a unique place to propose (just saying!). Besides, it's an ideal place for those fam-jams!

It is without a doubt that Mystery Rooms, successfully running in 22 cities, with Lucknow being one of its branches, has a pan-India presence attracts many thrill seekers like you. Catering to a wide audience, from ages 7 to 77, this is an escapade for all. A go-to place of numerous celebrities, this one-of-a-kind adventure is a MUST-try!

With an air of aberrance and enigma, set your foot in a place that will surely keep you on your toes at all times! Invoke your inner Holmes and get going now, people!


Contact: 095991 89427

Timings: 11 AM-12 PM

Location: 2nd Floor, A-217, Vishesh Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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