Tomorrow is the last day of Lucknow Mahotsav & here’s why you need to visit it!

Tomorrow is the last day of Lucknow Mahotsav & here’s why you need to visit it!

Being ardent lovers of everything that is Lucknawi, we all at Knocksense went to give Lucknow Mahotsav a visit, and we think that you REALLY need to go there before it ends!

Lucknow Mahotsav is the most awaited event in Lucknow. We love to wait for it, visit it, talk about it, and sometimes even complain. So, we decided to explore what treasures Lucknow Mahotsav has in store for us this year and we definitely came back with some great finds!

We went, we saw, we loved!

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Unlike last year, there was so much to see and do that we fell short of time (which is always a good sign). So here’s a complete list of everything that we thought was especially good.

Help Age India's Applaud Worthy Initiative

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Help Age India has started a beautiful initiative. They are providing wheel chairs and an attendant for old and the physically challenged. Mahotsav is something that can be only be fully enjoyed with your whole family, but it has not always been so accessible. So now you don’t have to hesitate if you want to visit with someone who may need assistance!

Atal Gaanv

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Atal Gaanv is a small village dedicated to the memory of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The model of gaanv/village is made according to Atalji’s vision. The ideal Atal village has a hospital, a police station, a well thought-through drainage system, schools and everything else that makes it self-reliant. Also on display were some of his favourite books and a collection of his favourite music records. We recommend taking a walk through the gaanv for its sheer innovation and brilliance. And also to honour the memory of the five time MP from Lucknow.

The Rides

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If you are at the Mahotsav and you don’t ride the rides, you have not experienced Lucknow Mahotav like you are supposed to. With the excitement of a little child we made our way to the Giant Wheel. We were all pumped up as the ascent started and the view from the top was breathtaking. But then we came down with such speed that we could hardly keep our eyes open. The adrenaline rush made us heady and though our initial bravado all but vanished, the sight of our friends screaming their lungs out made it so worth it.

Food Stalls

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Every visitor raves about the food at Mahotsav and we are no different.

We recommend Mutton Biriyani from Geetanjali’s Kitchen and Pyaz Kachoris from Aapdo Rajasthan and both were exceptionally good. The mutton in the biriyani was succulent and the rice fragrant; while the kachori was crispy.

I mean if you’re at the Mahotsav and are not guilty of overeating, going on a fun ride and then puking all over your friends, have you even been to the Mahotsav? From Fire Paan and Tandoori chai to Pizza Hut and KFC, Mahotsav is a foodies dream realized.

Speciality Stalls

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Lucknow Mahotsav is a heaven for shoppers, it is a conglomeration of the most amazing artists and artisans that come from different corners of the country to showcase their craftsmanship. We recommend splurging on some real Kashmiri Pashmina and some fashionably ethnic Jodhpuri Juttis and some exquisite marble and wooden sculptures. Whatever handicraft you are looking for, Mahotsav has you covered.

Furniture Expo

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Lucknow Mahotsav is known for its beautiful furniture. The signature Awadhi pieces that are intricately carved with “nakkashi” are one of the mot carefully designed pieces of furniture you can find. They are not only elegant but also sturdy and versatile. So if are a fan of the old ‘nakkashi-daar furniture’ make sure to give Mahotsav a visit.

The Live Performances at the Cultural pandal

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The cultural performances at the Mahotsav are enthralling. The experience of watching a live performance along with the great sound system and the wonderful lighting added to the already stunning visuals on stage is so mesmerising. We would a 100 percent recommend going to the Mahotsav to just see the performance. Check the schedule of up-coming performances to find the one you would love the most.


Events at the Cultural Pandal

Events across the city

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