5 Chaat Places in Lucknow that ensure top-notch flavour & safety!

5 Chaat Places in Lucknow that ensure top-notch flavour & safety!

Nothing beats the zing of Lucknawi Chaat!

If there is one thing that Lucknowites rave about with immense pride, it is surely their food! And you will resonate with this love if you are a fellow Lucknawi or anybody who had the pleasure of relishing the savoury delicacies which are very typical to the city.

We understand how difficult it must be right now, to not be able to live without the Lucknow-lip-smacking street food for over 5 months, especially the universal favourite, wholesome chaat. Well, the wait is finally over and the time to relish the tangy, sweet and spicy flavour of the chaat is back. With these 5 amazing places, it's time to satisfy all your savoury food cravings without having to worry about hygiene and safety & at the comfort of your homes!

So what are you waiting for?! Head out to your nearest chaat bhandaar, get some deliciousness parcelled-up or simply order them and celebrate the explosion of a myriad of flavours safely in the confines of your home, with your loved ones.

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