Italian food on your mind? Say cheese because Toscana cloud kitchen is now open in Lucknow!

Italian food on your mind? Say cheese because Toscana cloud kitchen is now open in Lucknow!

For a refined & riveting Italian party at home, order from Toscana now!

If the thought of a cheesy pizza and freshly tossed pasta is what melts your heart no matter how full you are, then this piece of good news will surely bring a cheesy smile to your lips, in no time! Grab your plates, for Toscana, Lucknow’s all-new Italian cloud kitchen bringing the freshness of classic epicurean bites, to feed all your cravings. And with the deliciousness being served, right to your doorstep, your most-fav delish grabs from Toscana are literally, just an order away.

Broiled to perfection to feed your gluttony

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This cloud kitchen is delivering the finest flavours to give you a riveting Italian food experience, in the comfort of your homes. Seasoning our happiness with a host of traditional recipes and seasonal preparations, this master curator of Italian grubs in Lucknow is satiating all our cheesy hankerings and how!

From the culinary staples of Italian cuisine to the modern blends and crafty recipes, Toscana has it all. The chefs here take note that each selection here source the traditional cooking styles and techniques to broil flavours that tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting for more.

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Be it the sumptuous range of salads like Insalata Rustica & Insalata di Cesare, to wholesome options like Baked Cannelloni, healthy Milanese Minestrone, Crema di Funghi & Crema di Pollo soups and the drool-worthy portions of pasta, pizzas and risottos, this kitchen has the knack to whip it all! There’s no end to the food rave with Toscana, and you’d gladly agree with us as you binge on the fluffy softness of their Tiramisu and the aromatic Panna Cotta!

Made with gusto, love and care!

Toscana is a brand helmed under the expertise of one of Lucknow’s most trusted cloud kitchen chains lko.foodinc and it’s bringing the same signature hygiene standards into the limelight! The secret ingredient of Italian cuisine is the freshness of its ingredients and rest assured, that’s also a part of the Toscana promise of catering the most delish grubs, right to your doorstep.

Each food product is stored, processed, cooked and packed following strict hygiene protocols to make sure that the cheesy pull of your order is safe and satisfactory!

Knock Knock

They say there is nothing more romantic than the Italian Cusine and rightly so! As cheesy as it may sound, our hearts (and of course stomachs) are falling for the Toscana range, more and more each day and we can't wait to indulge in its crafted goodness.

So if you are planning to order food online and are met with the ever-persistent question, ‘What even to order”, it is time to move your plates from the usual picks and get ready to ‘Eataly with Toscana!’ Check out their ever-expansive menu now on Swiggy and Zomato right away and indulge in the authentic yet fancy food affair, right in your home!

Contact: 7800004055

Timing: 12 noon to 11 PM

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