Traffic diversions in Old Lucknow announced for Muharram procession on July 29

Traffic diversions in Old Lucknow announced for Muharram procession on July 29

The restrictions will be in place on 8 routes, from 7 PM onwards today, and will continue till the conclusion of procession.

On July 28th, on the occasion of Ashura/Muharram, traffic movement will remain restricted on 8 routes in Old Lucknow for the Shab-e-Ashura procession. The traffic diversions will be effective from 7 PM on Friday and will stay in place till the Muharram procession ends on July 29.

Alternative routes announced to ensure safe procession of Muharram

Here's a list of traffic restrictions and their alternative routes for the commuters plying through the Old Lucknow area:

  • Access to Mayfair trisection Victoria Street from Medical Cross intersection will be prohibited. Vehicles can reach their destinations via Chowk or Medical College.

  • Traffic from Nakhas trisection will not be allowed to proceed towards Medical Cross Square or Tudia Ganj trisection. These vehicles can reach their destinations via Nadan Mahal Road and Rakabganj Bridge.

  • Vehicles from Mayfair trisection cannot proceed towards Victoria Street. Commuters can instead use Kashmiri Mohalla as an alternative route.

  • No vehicles will be able to move towards Nakhas or Girdhari Singh Inter College from Tudiyaganj trisection. The designated route to reach their destination is through Bazarkhala and Lalmadhav Hyderganj.

  • Residents will not be allowed to move from Mansoor Nagar trisection to Tudiyaganj or Shia Yatim Khana, Tapewali Gali. The alternative route for these vehicles is via Kashmiri Mohalla.

  • Access to Shia Yatim Khana, Mansoor Nagar Tiraha from Dargah Hazrat Abbas Tapewali Street will be restricted. Vehicles can instead use Campbell Road and Hardoi Road to reach their destination.

  • Vehicles will not be allowed to travel from Lal Madhav Haiderganj Traha towards Nakhas. The designated alternative routes are Aishbagh or Bulaki Adda.

  • Vehicles cannot proceed towards Nakkhas via Yahiyaganj from Rakabganj Bridge intersection. The alternative routes for these vehicles are through Medical College or Naka.

These traffic measures are essential to ensure smooth and safe travel during the Ashura procession of Muharram. Readers are advised to plan journeys accordingly and adhere to the provided alternative routes to avoid any inconvenience.

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