Traffic Police Department in Lucknow issues fresh orders as the city eyes an 'unlock' soon

Traffic Police Department in Lucknow issues fresh orders as the city eyes an 'unlock' soon

Lockdown in Lucknow may be reverted soon, if the active case tally dips below 600.

As Lucknow awaits an 'unlock' post a reduction in active cases, the Traffic Police Department is trying to ensure smooth vehicular movements on the city roads, once normalcy stands restored. Recently, JCP Piyush Mordia convened a meeting with DCP Traffic Khayti Garg, ADCP Traffic Digambar Kushwaha and other police officials, to issue instructions regarding better management of traffic. As a part of this, the traffic police have prioritised preparations across 8 major points in the city.

Multiple steps to control unregulated parking activities

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According to the issued orders, citizens are prohibited from parking their vehicles on the road intersections. In case, they are caught doing so, heavy fines will be levied upon them. Further, if a vehicle is parked wrongly in front of a shop or restaurant, it will be lifted by the local police with the help of a crane machine.

If public transport vehicles like buses, auto, e-rickshaw are found blocking the road, the owners will have to bear the brunt of fines and other punitive actions. It is to be noted that heavy vehicles will only be allowed during the stipulated time schedules as stated by the authorities. Further, the officials have also been asked to make sure that there are sufficient parking facilities near hospitals, medical stores and liquor shops.

Traffic officials to have body camera for assuring transparency

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Parking of vehicles on the roads and streets is strictly banned and they will be instantly seized by the police department, if stationed at the wrong spots. Along with this, additional actions will also be taken against the owners of such vehicles. Subsequently, the authorities have asked for vacant land from the municipal corporation to park the collected vehicles.

With an objective to maintain transparency about the dealings of the traffic police department, all officials will be provided with body cameras, reportedly. Given a list of interventions being worked out by the police authorities, traffic management in Lucknow expects a comprehensive revamp after the lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

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