Traveling miles for a living, the Kashmiri dry fruit sellers add warmth to Lucknow's streets!

Traveling miles for a living, the Kashmiri dry fruit sellers add warmth to Lucknow's streets!

Exploring the exquisite world of Kashmiri dry fruits in Lucknow!

As winter's chill settles over Lucknow, a familiar and heartwarming sight graces the sidewalks— Kashmiri dry fruit sellers with their vibrant assortments. Around them, the air is filled with the tales of hardworking individuals, who travel miles to make a living on the city streets!

Winter staples on the sidewalks!

The sellers, often hailing from the scenic valleys of Kashmir, bring with them not just their produce but the age-old legacy of their region. And every purchase becomes a piece of their story, shared and woven into the fabric of Lucknow's vibrant tapestry.

Throughout the year, these sellers become a constant presence, but it's during the winter months that their offerings truly come to life. Picture this: a colourful spread of Figs (anjeer), Almonds, Raisins (dried grapes), Cashews, dried Apricot (khumani), spices, Saffron, and more, displayed on sidewalks, tempting passersby with their rich and wholesome goodness.

From Kulgam to Lucknow:

In our quest to unravel the tales of these sellers, we interacted with Bilal Ahmad, a Kashmiri dry-fruit vendor, and here's what we found out-

Bilal Ahmad shared, "We journey from Kashmir to Lucknow, not just for survival but to bring the offerings of our valley's to the people here."

"Back in Kulgam, our folks rely heavily on cultivating fruits like apples and peaches, coupled with raising cattle when the weather is kinder. Yet, during this season, heavy snowfall blankets parts of Kashmir and we've to move to other parts of the country to make a living," he continued.

Show your support!

So, the next time you're drawn to the colourful dry-fruits or hear the bells of a passing rickshaw, take a moment. Engage in the tradition, grab some healthy dry fruits, and contribute to the livelihoods of those who bring winter's delight to our streets.

Support these vendors because winter in Lucknow is not just a season; it's a celebration of shared warmth!

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