Travelling between Lucknow to Delhi? Check out these 5 super-fast trains

Travelling between Lucknow to Delhi? Check out these 5 super-fast trains

A lot of people travel between Delhi and Lucknow on a daily basis. It may be for business, may be for just seeing the sights around Delhi, or it could even be for a get together with old friends. The two cities are well connected but despite daily trains and flights, people need to book their tickets months in advance, to ensure a confirmed seat.

Also, since Lucknow and Delhi aren't too far apart, it only makes sense that most of the trains plying between the two cities shouldn't take too long.

However, there are some trains that are better than others and will even get from one city to the other in a matter of just 7 to 7 and a half hours or less. Here are our top picks for which train to choose the next time you're looking for a quick in-and-out of Delhi.

Swaran Shatabdi

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Undoubtedly the quickest train that will take you from Lucknow to Delhi and vice versa, this one is a favourite of frequent travellers. The Shatabdi takes just about 6 to 7 hours to get you from one city to another. Paired with comfortable seating and the wonderful amenities you get on the train, it really is the complete package. The only drawback of this train is the fact that it reaches Delhi just before midnight.

Train No. 12003 (Lucknow-Delhi), 12004 (Delhi-Lucknow)

Tejas Express

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An upcoming train between Lucknow and Delhi, Tejas Express will set a new benchmark when it comes to superfast trains. With a travel time of just about 6 hours, the train is one of the fastest you can get. Equipped with loads of amenities, the train will ensure that you don't get bored during your journey. Tejas Express is set to make its first commercial run on October 04.

Train No. 82501 (Lucknow-Delhi), 82502 (Delhi-Lucknow)

Arunachal Express

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Just a bit more time-taking than the Shatabdi Train, it is a great alternative for those unable to get a seat on the faster train. At seven hours and ten minutes, this is still one of the fastest trains from Lucknow to Delhi. The timings of this train are rather convenient too. You just get in at night, and after a short overnight journey, you will be in Delhi. However, this train is often booked to the brim, so be sure to have a plan in advance.

Train No. 22411 (Lucknow-Delhi), 22412 (Delhi-Lucknow)

Champaran Humsafar

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Taking a total of 7 and a half hours, this train is one that should be easy to get a hold of. Perhaps the reason for this would be the fact that the train runs only twice a week. Since the demand for the train is less, you could easily get a ticket to ride.

Train No. 15705 (Lucknow-Delhi), 15706 (Delhi-Lucknow)

Garib Rath Express

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Though it takes over 7 and a half hours, this train is rather fast and is one of the better trains from Lucknow to Delhi. Offering the same great facilities as some of the better trains that are part of the Indian Railways network, it is frequented by many. Since it has very few stops along the way, you can expect a safer and less troublesome journey ahead of you.

Train No. 12203 (Lucknow-Delhi), 12204 (Delhi-Lucknow)

Want a short Delhi-Lucknow journey?

This list comprises of trains that'll take you from Lucknow to Delhi within 7-8 hours. Though the number of flights and buses between the two cities is constantly increasing, a good train journey is a much better alternative.

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