Tune into 93.5 RED FM to get the best of ‘The Audio Film Project’ Season 2 with Vikram Bhatt

Tune into 93.5 RED FM to get the best of ‘The Audio Film Project’ Season 2 with Vikram Bhatt

The Audio Film Project goes on air at 9 PM from Monday to Friday

Creating a buzz (not the radio static kind), India’s leading entertainment network, 93.5 RED FM has launched ‘The Audio Film Project’ Season 2, claiming its seat in the new-age content space, with style! Streaming since July 4, this podcast-style show goes live from Monday to Friday, at 9 PM and if you haven’t already tuned to its experiential listening yet, there’s no better time than now. Dive deep into a world of uncanny narrations with maverick filmmaker Vikram Bhatt and feed your appetite for mysteries and crime tales alike.

What is The AudioFilm Project?

While the name is already a dead give-away, The Audio Film Project is an audio-format show by Red FM that aims to bring back the era of storytelling as an auditory affair to listeners across the country. Critically acclaimed among listeners, the show made a resounding mark with its pilot season last year and the echo of this success has now been credited into the sound of the ongoing new edition. And with Vikram Bhatt taking over the mic once again narrating six spine-chilling and nail-biting suspense, mysteries & crime stories that will take you on an adventurous ride.

Best known for directing high-intensity motion pictures like the Raaz series, and the horror genre 1920, Vikram Bhatt has his own way of portraying the world of the unknown, which captures the viewer in its intricacies. And his finesse remains unaltered when it comes the listeners ‘The Audio Film Project.’

An ‘Aankhen Band Karke Dekho’ show

Talking about the initiative, Vikram Bhatt, said, “I thought of The Audio Film Project because Nisha Narayanan at Red FM was enthusiastic enough to partner with it and also clever enough to see how the changing world can actually be augmented by this sense of closing your eyes and imagining a story.

It was Red FM that came up with this title, The Audio Film Project because it was a film on audio and it was their ingenious line that says ‘Aankhen Band Karke Dekho’ which is fabulous.” The filmmaker also lauded his audience and a platform like Red FM for stirring a unique show to prove “the fact that people can see with their eyes closed.”

Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM, and Magic FM, said “We created ‘The Audio Film Project’ with the intent of giving the listeners a never-before experience in the form of audio series. As a pioneer in exploring and experimenting with the audio content, we were overwhelmed with the love and appreciation that ‘The Audio Film Project’ received. As we continue in our endeavours we bring to you another rip-roaring season of ‘The Audio Film Project’ with the maestro movie maker Vikram Bhatt.”

Knock Knock

‘The Audio FilmProject’ is your chance to step into the age of neo-content space, with radio- one of the oldest forms of entertainment and redefine the way you consume content! It’s anyway streaming on Red FM, a network that promises to serve you a ‘larger than life experience’ with amazing content, digital shows and entertainment better than ever before, which only adds an original value to the show.

You can catch the best of ‘The Audio Film Project’ Season 2 on RED FM India app and all leading podcast platforms at https://linktr.ee/AudioFilmProject

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