Ultimate Frisbee Championship | 3 girls from Lucknow to represent India at AOUGC 2023

Ultimate Frisbee Championship | 3 girls from Lucknow to represent India at AOUGC 2023

Chak de Lucknow!

Chak de Lucknow! Making the City of Nawabs proud, three girls from Lucknow have been selected to represent India at the AOUGC 2023. Neha Bharti, Vandana Kashyap, and Roshni Bharti will be flying to Philippines in early September to play at the Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championship for the Ultimate Frisbee Championship. This is a unique self-referred and mixed gender team sport that is played around the world and recognised by the international Olympic Committee.

Read on, as we narrate to you the story of these fearless women from Lucknow.

Here's a story to inspire you 

Project KHEL is a Lucknow based NGO, which has been working tirelessly at the grassroots level to uplift adolescents and we applaud their drive! Here’s the story of these three girls, inspired and trained by the NGO to make themselves and the country proud at international level.

It is significant to know that each of these three young girls is a first-generation literate, the only ones in their entire village to break social barriers. Coming from a low income background, the girls even worked as domestic help to fund their own education, stood up for their passion and fought with their families to show up at practice for a sport that no one has even heard about.

And they are now set to be the first in their families to fly outside the country! Well, we are super proud of these really able and fearless ladies who’re gonna be our city’s pride & joy. You go, girls!

Fearless, Thy Name Is Woman

Under the coachman-ship of Akshai Abraham, the three athletes are part of Awadh KHELadis, which is Uttar Pradesh's top team and one of the best teams of the country! Here is your chance to be a part of Neha, Roshni, and Vandana's incredible journeys - 

If you or a friend or a family member of yours would like to sponsor any part of their journeys, do reach out to Angana Prasad (9554682670) or Akshai Abraham (9838789888). Every contribution made in March, will be matched for up to 15% by Give India.

Also, if you are in Lucknow, watch the athletes play and show some support and love to our champions.

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