Underdoggs is offering your favourite alcohol brands at unmatched prices in Lucknow!

Underdoggs is offering your favourite alcohol brands at unmatched prices in Lucknow!

With good food, great ambience and alcohol cheaper than ever before, Underdoggs invites all to live the best days of their lives.

There are certain cafes and restaurants in Lucknow that ring good vibes and good times, and Underdoggs Bar & Grill surely makes it to the list! Lucknow’s OG Sports Bar, this classy resto-bar at the City Mall, will have you coming back to it, again and again with their unbelieveable prices of your favourite alcohol.

With booze starting at ₹100, Underdoggs is making sure your party plans don't cost you a bomb. So if you’re in the mood to indulge in an evening with good food, great ambience and the best days of your life, make a beeline to this riveting place.

Sip your wine like a gangsta!

Underdoggs Bar & Grill in Lucknow is tastefully curated to transport you to a different era, washed in the luxe tones of a Gatsby-like affair! To put it another way, if you want to sip your blend while watching the latest match on the big screen in the opulence of a 60s-vibe retro club, this is the place to be. And their budget-friendly booze selection just makes all of this even more interesting!

Booze at the Underdoggs Bar starts at ₹95 only. For this price, you can get yourself a peg of Magic Moments and get the party started at less than a hundred bucks! But if you’re in the mood of something crafty, get can cruise through their wide range of tequila offerings and get one for yourself at just ₹175!

Did somebody say booze On budget? 

For those who do not wish to break the vibe of all things premium here, need to turn their heads and glasses to Bombay Supphire gin, available at ₹225 or a cup of Black Dog or JW Black Label at ₹125 and ₹245, respectively. But hold up, there’s a lot on the offer here for the real-gangstas too! With Vodka Belvedere at ₹295 and JW Blue Label at ₹775, you can feel like a boss here.

Well, if there is one thing this bar-menu assures you is the fact that you’ll not be going home sober or waking up the next day without a hangover! But as folks say, bigger the hangover, better the party - Underdoggs is the custom blend of that and a lot more.

For the foodie-souls

Moving over the glasses, there’s plenty here to please the foodies too. The Underdoggs kitchen is a mastercell of the best-recipes, where the food is cooked with style and presented with a fusion kick, that’s almost addicting. When here, give a try to their Corn Chops, Pizza Rolls and Chicken Kabaddi without fail.

There’s also the Classic Hot Chicken Wings, Fish N Chips, Chilli Garlic Prawns and offerings from the Indian Grill to win over your bellies no matter your preferred cuisine!

Knock Knock

The Underdoggs is a complete power-house of all things fun and you need to tap on its deal for your next hangout session with friends and family. A pool table, glow-y lights, possibly the best food and drinks and rockin’ vibe, this place has it all and surely deserves all your attention and love!

Location: 4th Floor, City Mall, Vipul Khand 4, Gomti Nagar

Contact: +91 99357 08882

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