Entrance tests for undergraduate admissions in Lucknow University to be held in August

Entrance tests for undergraduate admissions in Lucknow University to be held in August

Reports state that the entrance examinations for Ph.D. courses will be held through a computer-based assessment in July.

With the diffusing COVID situation in the state and the capital city, Lucknow University is gearing up with the admission process for the 2021-22 academic session. As per the latest developments, the varsity announced that the admission tests for inducting students into undergraduate programs will be conducted in August. Additionally, reports state that the entrance examinations for PhD courses will be held through a computer-based assessment in July this year.

UG admission tests to be conducted after August 15

As per reports, Lucknow University contains nearly 3,800 seats for undergraduate programs and around 4,400 seats for post-graduate courses. Given these figures, it can be expected that a large count of individuals will appear for entrance tests and thereby, the varsity is planning to implement a streamlined course of action for the admissions. Additionally, colleges across four different cities will be included in the centralised admission process.

While the university had adopted the merit-based admission process last year, entrance exams will be held now. This decision has been propelled by the CBSE and ICSE's declaration to cancel board examinations this year. Now, the varsity administration is waiting for all boards to announce the results by July 31. Once the results are received, the entrance tests will be scheduled after August 15. It is noteworthy that the aspiring students can get themselves registered by June 30.

Computer-based entrance tests to be held for PhD aspirants

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As per reports, the PhD entrance assessments will be held across centres in Lucknow, Delhi and Varanasi. In addition to this, more centres may be set up depending upon the number of aspirants. Reportedly, the varsity plans to induce more than 400 students in the PhD programs this year.

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