This Valentine's M&H Bakery in Lucknow is offering unlimited desserts to you & bae at just ₹ 499!

This Valentine's M&H Bakery in Lucknow is offering unlimited desserts to you & bae at just ₹ 499!

Indulge in unlimited desserts, for you and your bae at just Rs 499 for an entire week! Offer valid from 10th Feb- 14th Feb.

Looking for the best ways to sweeten your Valentine’s Day? Milk & Honey Bakery in Lucknow has an offer you cannot refuse! Share the most romantic date of the year at Lucknow’s most premium bakery and that too without worrying about your pockets. This Valentine's M&H is offering unlimited puddings, doughnuts, cupcakes and pastries at just ₹499 and there's no way you can miss this opportunity!

“Romance is the icing, but love is the cake!”

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M&H Bakery is offering you and your valentine, unlimited desserts at just ₹ 499 for an entire week! Indulge in cupid-struck macaroons, beautiful cupcakes, doughnuts and of course cake pops and much more only at M&H in Lucknow!

Choose from their indulgent, seal-the-deal catalogue to truly show your loved ones how special they are to you. Express your love to your bae, with a cake from M&H Bakery's dessert range that is bound to have them falling in love at the very first bite. Would they like a heart-shaped Valentine cake that smells like love or delicious baklavas? Well, you'll find out pretty soon, because this time you can have it all at M&H!

Unlimited desserts for you & bae at just Rs 499!

We all know how costly V-Day dates can get. And it won't make much of an impression when instead of focusing on sweeping them off their feet with your terrific one-liners, you're busy calculating how much the brownie just cost you!

Worry not, for folks at M&H Bakery have got you covered. Apart from their vast menu that caters to all things sweet, M&H Bakery, Lucknow gives you the opportunity to truly gaze in their kaali kaali aankhen and not worry about the pocket with this new offer, that lasts all week long!

Treat your bae with sweet nothings from M&H Bakery's vast desserts range and say 'I love you" without the words.

M&H Locations:

  • Madhurima Sweets Vibhuti Khand
  • Madhurima Sweets Patrakar Puram
  • Madhurima Sweets Raebareli Road

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